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Use this guide to remove or replace the battery in your Motorola Droid 4.

If your battery is swollen, take appropriate precautions.

  1. Insert the rear cover removal tool, or a paper clip, in the hole near the back camera lens. Slide the cover down to remove. Slide the cover down to remove.
    • Insert the rear cover removal tool, or a paper clip, in the hole near the back camera lens.

    • Slide the cover down to remove.

  2. Remove the sticker on the rear compartment to reveal the battery.
    • Remove the sticker on the rear compartment to reveal the battery.

    • Hold the battery with your thumb while removing the sticker or you might end up ripping the battery out of the phone, damaging the flex cable.

    • Use the T5 Torx Screwdriver to remove both 2.5 mm screws from the battery cable.

    • Use the Spudger to unstick the battery.

    • It's difficult to remove the battery without a pry tool like the spudger because of the strong adhesive. If you try removing it with just your fingers, the battery may bend.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Jerk at the verizon store said this wasnt possible and tried to sell me a new phone, dumbass. Thanks for the guide!!

Rose M - Contestar

Worked great ! Ordered battery fro Amazon and with Torx kit...5 minute job !

Peter Kendrick - Contestar

Peter- I ordered a replacement and was able to change the battery. However, once in place, the phone would not boot up and would only show the battery icon with a question mark in it. Did you run in to this problem?

Ed Barton -

The battery in my phone started swelling so I ordered a battery from Amazon. Changing the battery was easy, but now the battery icon has a red question mark in it. How do I reset the battery icon?

Tracy - Contestar

Tracy -

I had the same problem.... Will be buying a new battery, torx screwdriver, and spludger tool and replacing the battery soon. Then I can use the phone as a backup device, or a second phone (new service needed for new line), in case my new Moto X dies....


Chris -

After I replaced the battery on my Droid 4 I also had the "?" in my battery icon. After I completely drained my phone of all power (used it until it died), I plugged in my charger, did not turn it on, and let it charge overnight. While it was off the battery eventually went from not coming up at all to saying 0%, 10%, then 50%. In the morning my Droid 4 had fully charged. I am leaving this for all of the other people looking for a response to this problem. Thank you to the poster of this page for letting me know how easy it would be to replace my failing Droid 4 battery.

Michael Roseberry -

I had no issue with the adhesive. Seems like a strange warning.

ittsybittsy - Contestar

Everything went well on my battery replacement. The most difficult part was removing the rear panel. Thankfully, the Plastic Opening Tools, that come with the Pro Tech Toolkit, was the key for getting some leverage. The same toolkit has the correct T5 torx bit.Thank you, and contributors! Sharon

dadsgal2 - Contestar

Easy repair, only sort of challenging step was getting those tiny screws back in the holes properly. So glad that I can give my Droid 4 a new lease on life. They'll pry my physical keyboard from my cold, dead hands, haha :)

cakesphere - Contestar

I ordered the replacement battery from Amazon for less than $ 20 and it came with the appropriate torx screwdriver. I used tweezers to hold on to the 2 small screws as I put them back in place. A relatively easy fix. Thanks for the guide.

Richard Rastani - Contestar

What was you phone doing that you needed to replace the battery? Mine keep a turning off and on even while charging in the outlet. It is hot to touch also.

sherry -

The procedure didn't work so well for me. After installing the new battery, I got the question mark over the battery symbol that others had. So I let the battery drain as suggested, and now after plugging the phone in to recharge, the Motorola "M" pops up on the screen like the phone is starting up, and just sits there. I tried charging overnight to no avail. The phone works with the old battery, so I don't know what happened.

Rich - Contestar

Thank you for the guide. Big box stores selling the Torx sets for Christmas now....magnetic tips helped with small screws. Let my old battery completely discharge before swapping in new one. No issues on restart. Removed all the stickers, the source of the adhesive holding the battery in place, from the old battery and placed on new one.

Timothy Daseler - Contestar

I removed the sticker by gently pulling up the latch signed with "authorized use only"- so I even didn´t need a spudger. Also the screws were covered by a little rubber piece which had to be removed to access the heads of the screws.

Nice guide, everything went very well here!

Andreas Tepperink - Contestar

Went to Battery Source who had the battery but told me on Droid4 that to replace the battery you needed to heat the back of the phone to loosen the adhesive. Wanted to sell me the battery for $40 but they would not install. I see from this post no one makes mention of having to use heat to open the back, so now I am trying to figure out what to do. I have to have a key board and the new Verizon Blackberry is not the answer. Any suggestions? Panama Jack

Not Albert Einstein - Contestar

Hey, Panama Jack if I were you I would look on Amazon or Ebay and Buy a Back Battery Door Cover with the Motorola Tool to take the Back Cover off without Breaking the tabs on the Door and if you do you'll have a New Door to Replace it with. Once you have Access to the Battery Compartment. You just need to very Slowly pull the Sticker off the Battery and if it acts like it may tear slight heat with a Hairdryer just warm enough to remove the sticker. Then you can take the Battery out. However you'll need to do this in an area so if you drop either one of the T-5 Screws you can find it. So all you need is a New Replacement Battery and a Torx T-5 1.2mm small T-5 Torx Bit Screwdriver. Also one other Suggestion take the Authorized use only sticker of the Original Battery and put it on the New Replacement Battery unless the New Replacement Battery has it on there. This Should be all Need to be up and Running like New Again unless the Replacement Battery is No Good. Buy from a Reputable Seller. Sincerely Christopher

Helpful Tech -

Perfect instructions. Having correct tools helped, especially positioning the spudger exactly where you show to pry out the battery safely.

Lisa Urso - Contestar

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