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Moto G4 Plus (4th Gen) rear facing camera not working?Back camera failed? Can't make group-selfies because of the rear facing camera for Moto G(4th)?Wanna fix and repair back camera issues for Moto G4 Plus?Come here to know how to teardown/replace Motorola Moto G4 Plus rear facing camera and reassemble it.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I wonder if this would work on the regular Moto g4, because then it would be relatively simple to upgrade the camera from the 13 MP found in the g4 to the 16 MP found in the g4 Plus. I think the firmware is the same, so it might just work...

Sam Park - Contestar

I have moto g4 plus its lens cover is foll of scratch can i replace by my self or not

Pls send an email at

Manisha - Contestar

Yes, you can fix it by yourself, the problem is that camera lens cover replacement is not available.

Witrigs -

U can bye skinnova for motog4plus in Amazon

Rakibur zaman -

Use skinnova found on Amazon.... Shopping app

Rakibur zaman -

Moto g 4 plus rear camera glass got many scratch

abhisingh0202 - Contestar

I want to replace new Moto g4 plus camera glass.

abhisingh0202 - Contestar

My moto g4 plus back camera capturing blur pics. I don't knw why..?

Atul Pandit - Contestar

I think you can try to restart your phone.

Witrigs -

Moto g4 plus camera glass is getting scratches I m faceing a problem not getting a new glass

Ilyas Neelgar - Contestar

Clean your rear cam glass by toothpaste use earbud to rub the glass ... Do it for 5 mins definitely you will clear all the scratches... I did it for my own phone

syed tajbaba -

my moto g4 plus rear camera glass got too many scratches...How to remove the scratches or you got any replacement glass????in my moto g3 camera glass is too good after rough use but in moto g4 plus just in 6 months too many scratches.. moto never expected such a hardware from your side

Bala - Contestar

Facing same problem of motog4 rear camera scratch after 5 month of purchase. Very Very poor quality material used . Not expected such quality after buying for 15k. Also using Nokia Windows phone for the past 2 years no major scratch till date . Can this glass be replaced????

Pradeep - Contestar

The camera glass on Moto G4 Plus is very easy to be scratched.Fortunately, the glass can be replaced easily. But the glass is unavailable in the market.We are trying our best to deal with this problem.And we would inform you once the product is in stock.

Witrigs - Contestar

Same issue for me. Front camera picture is better than rear camera. Disappointing

Krishnan Ganapathy - Contestar

My back camera is showing blurred pictures..too any scratches,glass quality is not good.i want to replace it.plz help in replacement.

jaspal hanspal - Contestar

rear camera cover had lot of scratches, it takes pictures like a VGA camera, how to change the cover?

khaja mohiddin Shaik - Contestar

my moto g4 plus rear camera glass got too many scratches...How to remove the scratches or you got any replacement glass????in my moto g3 camera glass is too good after rough use but in moto g4 plus just in 6 months too many scratches.. moto never expected such a hardware from your side

Anil kumar - Contestar

We've already got the rear camera glass for Moto G4 Plus. But The adhesive is on the way. Plz wait and we'll supply the glass as soon as possible.You can also focus on our website:

Witrigs -

To everybody: We've already got the rear camera glass lens for Moto G4 Plus. Additionally,the adhesive needed is on the way. Plz wait and focus on our website: replacement parts will be supplied as soon as possible.

Witrigs - Contestar


Can i know if the product is also available in INDIA?

and when it would be available exactly?

sai kiran -

Hi Eric. My rear glass has totally shattered. And I've looked everywhere for a replacement rear glass. Please help.

Joel Thompson - Contestar

Due to the long Chinese Holiday.The product link will be available in Feb,20th.

Witrigs -

To everyone, the Moto G4 Plus camera glass lens is on the way and testing.We made it from a Chinese factory.But due to the long Chinese Holiday.The glass should be available in Feb,20th. Plz wait...

Witrigs - Contestar

Hi Eric, how this will be made available to indian customers , we have to get this through moto service centre? Thanks.

Pradeep - Contestar

After getting nougat update, my camera performance is very poor it captures blur always so what to do ??

jeevan s - Contestar

My moto g4 plus rear camera become so blur that unable too scan any bar code. Waiting for rear camera glass cover.

kumar Ritesh - Contestar

Check for the scratches. If already exists, then there is no need for a glass cover as it won't do any good.

sai kiran -

Hi when is the back camera glass will be available in India ... I am desperatly waiting for it...

Harman - Contestar

Kindly update when we are able to get the rare glass.

Without the good camera clarity this phone is useless. It's really disappointing ...

Kindly update we rare glass are available in India... (If not in the store atleast get d product in online)

Bopanna Puttangada - Contestar

Maki chut koi reply toh do mare bhe yahi problem hai Kya melenge Moto g4 plus Ka camera glass Moto community not found India noobs

Aklak - Contestar

Hello it's been couple of days when I switch my back camera on it's a black screen then it says restart it but still not working and nether is my flash working

Ray - Contestar

I have a Lenovo Moto g4

Ray - Contestar

My moto g4 plus both camera not working…it display ERROR PLEASE RESTART THE CAMERA

What should i need to do?

Is it from motherboard problem? Or simply is it both camera problem?

Tell me

Ketan Anand - Contestar

I purchased my Motto G4+ Mobile 2016th August, after 1year mobile camera getting blur images. Shown many service points but still not resolved, is there any solution. It's too irritating n sick clarity. Never buy motto again, i already ordered Samsung phone.

peejay.insur - Contestar

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