Wireless connectivity issues? Use this guide to replace the AirPort/Bluetooth board.

  1. Remove the following ten screws securing the lower case to the upper case:
    • Remove the following ten screws securing the lower case to the upper case:

      • Three 13.5 mm (14.1 mm) Phillips screws.

      • Seven 3 mm Phillips screws.

  2. Using both hands, lift the lower case near the vent to pop it off two clips securing it to the upper case.
    • Using both hands, lift the lower case near the vent to pop it off two clips securing it to the upper case.

    • Remove the lower case and set it aside.

    • For certain repairs (e.g. hard drive), disconnecting the battery connector is not necessary but it prevents any accidental shorting of electronics on the motherboard. If you do not disconnect the battery connector, please be careful as parts of the motherboard might be electrified.

    • Use the edge of a spudger to pry the battery connector upwards from its socket on the logic board.

    • It is useful to pry upward on both short sides of the connector to "walk" it out of its socket.

    • Bend the battery cable slightly away from its socket on the logic board so it does not accidentally connect itself while you work.

    • Pull the camera cable connector straight out of its socket on the logic board.

    • Pull the cable parallel to the face of the logic board toward the optical drive opening.

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to carefully pry the AirPort/Bluetooth ribbon cable up off its socket on the logic board.

    • Use the tip of a spudger to pry the four antenna connectors up from their sockets on the AirPort/Bluetooth board.

    • De-route all four antenna cables from their channels in the AirPort/Bluetooth housing.

    • De-route the camera cable from its channel in the AirPort/Bluetooth housing.

    • Remove the following two screws securing the AirPort/Bluetooth assembly to the upper case:

      • One 8.6 mm Phillips screw

      • One 3.9 mm Phillips screw

    • Remove the AirPort/Bluetooth assembly from the upper case, minding any cables that may get caught.

    • Peel and remove the piece of EMI tape wrapped around the AirPort/Bluetooth assembly.

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to pry the AirPort/Bluetooth cable away from its socket on the AirPort/Bluetooth board.

    • Remove the AirPort/Bluetooth cable from the AirPort/Bluetooth assembly.

    • Remove the three Phillips screws securing the AirPort/Bluetooth board to the AirPort/Bluetooth board housing.

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to dislodge the AirPort/Bluetooth board from its recess in the AirPort/Bluetooth board housing.

    • Remove the AirPort/Bluetooth board from its aluminum housing.

    • Before securing the AirPort/Bluetooth bracket to the upper case, be sure the small tab on its left edge is inserted into the small void cut into the black plastic optical drive opening.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Pessoal; Será que temos com trocar essa peça Bluetooth 2.1 por um 4.0?


Folks; Do we have to change this piece Bluetooth 2.1 for a 4.0?


Fernando Medeiros - Contestar

My computer was having trouble with the internet and after much research I came to the conclusion it was my airport/bluetooth board. A bunch of stores I went to said it would cost me around $200-$300 to replace ($100 for board and $100-$200 for installation). Then I found this cite and all of its manuals. I was able to order the part online from this site for only ~$50 and following the steps in the instructions was super easy. Would definitely give 10/10 for this website and manual.

I'd also like to point out I ordered the ifixit tool kit as well (just cause it looked awesome and I have no will power), but only the 2 tools mentioned in the instructions were needed. So no need to go overboard such as myself

Darren Picard - Contestar

Hi, would there be chance that the ribbon that is broken? My mid 2012 MBP faced a few times of this wifi/bluetooth issue but the technician never tell me what is the real problem. Or I can just buy the adapter and replace it by myself?

JinHow - Contestar

Good chance it is the ribbon. I replaced the board with the one I ordered from this site. Worked great for about 2 months then had the same issue. Figured out it couldn't be the board that was causing the problem. So I played with it and I think it's my ribbon connections. All I do is every few months when I start to get the problem I open it up and reconnect the connections on the ribbon and it's good for another 2 months. I assume a permanent solution would be to buy a new ribbon but I haven't done that yet

Darren Picard - Contestar

I second this. My old computer started having bluetooth issues and I needed more power, so I bought a new one and gave the old to my wife. WiFi went out shortly thereafter. PRAM resets worked for a few minutes, but never very long. Replaced the ribbon (very easy, a bit cheaper), and bluetooth works great now, and wifi too. I would try the ribbon first (cheaper and much easier to do).

John Kidd -

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