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  1. Locate the battery tray near the top edge of the bottom side of the keyboard.  It is designed to be easy to insert but difficult to remove.
    • Locate the battery tray near the top edge of the bottom side of the keyboard. It is designed to be easy to insert but difficult to remove.

  2. Use a putty knife or metal spudger to pry the tray out.  Insert it into the gap along the bottom, then angle the handle to direct the force of the tip away from the body of the keyboard.  Tap as needed.
    • Use a putty knife or metal spudger to pry the tray out. Insert it into the gap along the bottom, then angle the handle to direct the force of the tip away from the body of the keyboard. Tap as needed.

    A push pin can be used to help wiggle the tabs loose

    CTH - Contestar

    I used my 1/4" Ratcheting Screwdriver (which doesn’t appear to be available anymore) to force the battery tray out; I held it at a low angle with my left hand and used it like a chisel, except I used my right palm instead of a hammer to tap it a few times. Note that I didn’t specify a bit size or type to use because they’re completely unnecessary for this purpose.

    Archelon - Contestar

    I used a pair of scissors and nearly took my hand off. Note that the battery has a sticker on that says: ‘Do not replace battery’ . I did replace the battery and nothing untoward has happened (so far).

    Andy P - Contestar

    Used smallest tip screwdriver to pry the cover away from the keyboard from the topside then flipped it over.

    kron - Contestar

    The battery says “DO NOT REPLACE BATTERY” on it? Very difficult to open, by the way.

    Don Koboldt - Contestar

    WHY would they say “Do NOT REPLACE BATTERY” essentially making it a disposable keyboard??? Anyone had anything bad happen if they did replace?

    nbhaile - Contestar

  3. Once the "ears" past the edge, it should be easy to slide the tray the rest of the way out.
    • Once the "ears" past the edge, it should be easy to slide the tray the rest of the way out.

    • Note the battery type carefully: It is a ML2032, which is rechargeable. This is NOT the same as a CR2032, which is not rechargeable. Do Not replace with CR2032, as the solar panels will attempt to charge it.

    • Note the proper orientation of the battery (see picture), positive + symbol facing towards bottom. Negative side facing keys.

    • To make it easier to remove the battery in the future, trim the ears slightly or slice some notches in the plastic "springs" to weaken them a little.

    Thank you ! Great Job!

    osusieq74 - Contestar

    Battery is available from


    Don Dodge - Contestar

    easy enough to do. Newegg charges $7 for 2 of these.

    wind bourne - Contestar

    Thank you. It was easy enough to do. Also can be bought at newegg for $7.00 for 2 of them.

    wind bourne - Contestar

    Great tip! Everything worked fine. It was quite hard to get the battery tray out (was not designed to be user-maintained! I did cut off the “ears” for next time).

    Very happy to keep this keyboard going; very happy not to purchase a new one (money saved); very happy that a (still usable) keyboard did not go in the trash (save the planet). Thanks!

    gpetersen01 - Contestar

    This may sound odd but I found that the best tool for getting the tray out is to use a LEGO tool, if you happen to have one handy. It’s shaped perfectly for the job,

    Many thanks to the author for posting this.

    nipa_hut - Contestar

    This step by step guide is awesome. I was planing to get a new one but thanks to your guide my logitech k750 is still usable.

    Thank you

    Theodor - Contestar

    My K750 just started having problems about a month ago. It went dead today. Just saw this article to replace the ML2032 battery. I will get replacements from Amazon. Overall, like one commented above, I will now be able to continue using my keyboard without trashing it into a landfill somewhere. Although I guess I will deprive the sacred economy and Logitech of the purchase of a replacement Keyboard.

    Aetius - Contestar

    I bought my Mac Keyboard, Logitech K 750, in May 2016. For the first time ever, the keyboard shut down at the end of 2019, totally dead. To keep it alive, I kept charging it daily, and it was hanging in there with about a 30% recharge. We installed the new ML2032 battery last night (amazon), and this morning, keyboard charge is in the Green Zone for first time in months. I'll be putting it in the sun later today for full charge. So far, so good, and we used eyeglasses screwdriver to open the battery slot. Didn’t cut the tabs - figure one change in 3-1/2 years we can deal with it being a little tricky.

    Jennifer - Contestar

    This was good info. Unfortunately, on the battery it says, “do not replace.” Now What?

    David G - Contestar

    The instructions on the Logitech website itself say “ignore the do not replace tag”. Just don’t try a CR2032. I used a pair of tiny skinny litte screwdrivers.

    Thanks for the awesome instructions, $50 saved.

    Kathleen Thompson -

    Many thanks for this write up-it was very helpful, and my keyboard is back in the land of the living.

    To all the people asking about the “do not replace” sticker on the battery - I assume this is Logitech covering themselves for the people who don’t realize it’s not a standard CR2032. If you know what you’re doing, and have the right rechargeable battery (ML2032) - go right ahead and replace it!

    Dirk Sieber - Contestar

    I just replaced my battery and still nothing. The battery health indicator light doesn’t show up red or green. Is the keyboard just dead?

    Amy Everett - Contestar

    i would love the answer to this— my keyboard just died as well— no red light not green light and now cant log int omy computer becasue i dont have a keyboard! help!

    m k pen -

    Merci pour la bonne qualité du tutoriel, malheureusement au démontage j ai abimé le support de la batterie, je vais essayé d en fabriqué 1 avec une imprimante 3 D.

    patrick belfort - Contestar

    Thank you for the detailed instructions. Just replaced the old battery with a new one bought from Amazon. I was hoping they had some charge so I could test it out, but I turned on the keyboard and nothing lights up. Any idea what the best way to charge it is and how long it should take to charge?

    Ana Papernik - Contestar


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you. Worked perfectly. Gained trust in this site. Lost respect for Logitech.

henry - Contestar

My sentiments, exactly!

Melinda Mcvay -

There a better way to open it

put the knife or better a screwdriver on the other side (keys upside); worked for me without damage the keyboard :D

yannick NR - Contestar

Thank You! That did work much better!

Matt Anderson -

Here is an even better method.

You can also totally prevent damage by finding a laminated biz card and cutting it into 2 one inch strips and inserting both of them into the slot on the top side (solar side) of the battery compartment.

Then get your tool ( I like small pointed scissors) and pry it out between the cards.

Very easy!

David Powers -

why is there a warning not to replace the battery? is it dangerous to do this?

Ben - Contestar

It's only dangerous to replace it with a NON-RECHARGEABLE battery. If you insert a NON-RECHARGEABLE battery, it will over heat and EXPLODE.

Mike Betancur -


Yes batteries are a hazardous waste and should be disposed of at a facility that can process them. As long as the battery is not leaking or swallowed, it is not dangerous. Logitech doesn't want you to replace the battery, they want your warranty to expire so you're forced to buy a new keyboard. This tactic is known as planned obsolescence. I replaced my original battery with a ML 2032 rechargeable from ebay ($7)for the K750 keyboard and so far so good(day 1).

nickoftime66 - Contestar

I think its because if you put a regular battery in there it could explode or catch fire

Gary - Contestar

Brillant. I already started looking for another keyboard. No longer needed now and I am especially happy because I rather liked the K750.

Tim - Contestar

The battery from a supplier on eBay cost about $5. The repair took <10 minutes to complete.

One note of caution: if you trim the ears for easier replacement in the future, be advised that the tray will have a slight tendency to pop out, about 1mm from the back of the keyboard. You could use a piece of tape to hold it in, but the tray will not slide or fall out very easily on its own.

TheIronGiant - Contestar

Since I do not believe the batteries from eBay nor Amazon, so I decided to deactivate the solar panels and use a common CR2032 battery and it works just fine :-).

It requires a little soldering, and in order to get hands on the cables, so you need to carefully peel off the plastic top deck and unscrew a few screws.

In SollarApp then see the battery capacity and expected no supply of solar energy.

I have it documented on photos, so maybe I will post it here as a guide.

Endrju - Contestar

how long did your keyboard last with one battery? probably not too long

Claudiu -

Thank you muchly...AND for the warning about using a ML 2032 and NOT the non-rechargeable Dummy that I am I might have just popped one of the ones that might "cause bad things to happen" ...>)

patri domino - Contestar

@Endrju I don't understand why you do "not believe" in the rechargeable batteries on Amazon. I purchased mine on Amazon, and the new battery actually lasted twice as long as the original Logitech battery. Your solution requires a lot more work than simply replacing the battery.

tclim988 - Contestar

Just a note to make things a little easier: when using the butter knife, you want to depress the two tabs near the FRONT of the battery holder, on both sides (look at the picture). Those tabs stick out slightly further than the opening, which is obviously what prevents you from puling the battery holder out. Depressing the tab will make it more or less even with the opening, allowing you to pull it past the opening.

tclim988 - Contestar

FOLLOW UP. There is an even easier method to get the battery compartment open. You don't need a butter knife at all. Instead, use the same small flathead screwdriver to press down on the tabs along to right and left sides. Using this method, it took me all of 20 seconds to remove the compartment.

tclim988 -

I've just did the replacement yesterday evening of the battery with a brand new ML2032... and it doesn't work... may be I have to wait the battery to get a little bit loaded...

I let the keyboard under un LED light a few minutes yesterday, but it did nothing more...

Hope the keyboard is not definitely out of order :-/

JYves - Contestar

You have to let it charge-up over night before the very first use.

markz -

If your new battery doesn't work try taking it out and flipping it over as it may have been installed upside down (I just did this by accident :D).

Niomi Hill - Contestar

I did the wrong orientation too. I did not pay much attention to orientation because usually the plastic molding forces the correct orientation, but not in the k740.

Robert n Jackie Townley -

I pried with a very small flathead screwdriver, as far to the side as I could get and that required the least amount of effort to get it out. I literally started and finished within a 3 minute window.

jw11432 - Contestar

Love this keyboard!! Will use this guide information if ever needed.

Robert Bamford - Contestar

where can I find the ML2032?

mattmonken - Contestar

It's commonly available from Amazon, eBay and in the UK from CPC/Farnell

dyeremergency -

What mentally deranged engineer designed the Logitech K750 keyboard to require a tiny little screw driver and the strength of a 95th percentile mail to access the battery?

Rose CAB - Contestar

The type of engineer who would rather you purchase a new keyboard than to install a replacement battery. It’s called Planned Obsolescence. It’s good for the company bottom line.

kb9szf -

chinese made, chinese designed

misterphillip -

I can't find this particular battery anywhere for now, but since my keyboard died and doesn't turn on no matter what (sometimes the led blinks red when I turn it on, sometimes it doesn't lit at all, but it doesn't seem to be charging), I tried to take the battery tray out anyway, following instructions here and elsewhere. I found it very hard to remove and I damaged the tray and the keyboard while doing it. After re-inserting the battery, the keyboard is still dead :( I hope when I get a new battery it'll fix things, because I've grown addicted to this keyboard, it's the best one I've ever tried because it's soooo comfortable to type on it. Also, Logitech sucks so much for this battery issue, I hope they go bankrupt one day >:(

Anyway, here's another take (more detailed) at the whole removing the battery tray process:

ecchikinky - Contestar

I'm the same, I like the feel of this keyboard. You can find the batteries on eBay.

chrisdxv -

I finally decided to purchase a replacement battery on eBay, I just installed it on my K750 keyboard (again, damaging the battery compartment even further...), and the keyboard seems to be working fine again! Solar App tells me that the charge is already at 100%, so I hope it'll keep that way for months to come (like the original battery did).

After a few weeks using a different keyboard, all I can say is that I'M SO GLAD I HAVE MY K750 UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!! <3

ecchikinky -

One thing I tried doing that worked was after taking the battery, that came with

the keyboard, out of the tray I removed the yellow warning label stuck to the

battery. I thought that it might possibly be interfering with the solar panels charging

the battery. And that really helped with not only getting a charge to the battery

but also with how much it charged up to. I know they want to warn people about

the battery but I thought they could have put that lable anywhere else.

Your mileage may vary but it worked out well for me.

Parker Clack - Contestar

Let me partially quote Henry's comment from 2014: "Lost respect for Logitech."

It's so obvious a dirty capitalist sales move by Logitech to tell their customers they can't replace the battery, when there's a small dedicated compartment with (relative) easy access. I am not saying capitalism is bad, per se, but this is like Logitech taking a huge dump on their customers' chests with eyes wide open.

Kasper Warmdal Filstrup - Contestar

Great guide. Thanks!

Tip for best results:

See the Youtube video by Alexander Kurz. Video is not in English but it is very demonstrative and easy to follow through.


Do not replace with CR2032. Replace with the ML2032 battery only. If you are not able to get it from local shops or in your country, you can always buy it online from (sister website of - a very reputed site). I recommend to purchase 2 batteries rather than one, just to be on safer side, but AliExpress does have option of return/refund if your newly purchased battery doesn't work.

Another warning and tip:

For those of you brave enough to try the CR2032, you can find an iFixit guide to open the keyboard and permanently disable the solar cell connections, so the CR2032 can be safely used in the K750. (Do not just cover the solar cells as that is not recommended at all).

Logitech K750 Keyboard ML2032 to CR2032 Battery Conversion

veekay - Contestar

The keyboard works like a charger. You cannot put non-rechargeable batteries in a charger whether the battery is an AA or an ML2032.

You can recycle the old battery anywhere that takes cell phone or laptop batteries (including Home Depot.)

poeiabird - Contestar

Making sure I do not use CR2032 (non-rechargeables).

It’s 2018 now,

———————if I cannot find the ML2032, considering finding an equivalent amp volt rechargeable.

Any recommendations, tried and tested, than going for a rewiring to bypass the solar charger?

Pat -

This article helped a lot. I got a battery from Amazon (

RichardB - Contestar

Awesome, thanks! I got the keyboard used with my Mac, it worked perfectly for 6+ months with near to no light... and then suddenly gave me trouble. Battery would not charge enough anymore, even charging under direct sun would only hold for an hour or so, I ended up having my cell phone flash light atop the keyboard. Ordered the right battery, forced open the battery thing (what a dumb mechanism), and... it is at 100%. And so far so good - seems to like me again. :)

Now off to somehow improve general lighting here.

Gila - Contestar

This worked perfectly and saved me the cost of a new keyboard. Thanks!

paganpicnic - Contestar

Fantastic guide - many thanks!

And +1 kudos to yannick NR - 10/21/2014 for his second comment from the top: after struggling and failing to extract the battery by pushing up from the bottom of the keyboard, his tip of sliding the butter knife into the battery compartment on the *keys* side of the battery compartment makes the whole operation really easy. Just slide your blunt, rounded butter knife in between the battery and the black keyboard side and then push up on the compartment lip with your thumbnail to start it moving. After only a few millimeters (when you see the top edges of the ears), you'll find that there is a lip on the keyboard-side top edge of the battery holder which you can use with your butter knife to lever out the battery holder. I used a small screwdriver just to release the ears and the battery holder popped out in less time than it took you to read this comment. Better still, no force was required and the keyboard was left completely unscratched. Very happy to get my K750 back... :)

JML - Contestar

I too was shopping for a new keyboard when my K750 stopped charging.... thanks for saving me a good chunk of change, I just ordered a new ML2032 from Amazon for $6.20 with one day shipping

Steve G - Contestar

Awesome help! Thank you so much. I found it quite difficult to open the battery compartment, but I did it. Ordered the battery from Amazon $6 and the keyboard now works perfectly,

Cathy - Contestar

Does anyone know whether I need a ML2032T25, ML2032T26 or a ML2032T17 battery? I have no idea what the difference is, and these are the ones I've found. My keyboard is now having trouble charging. It's placed in an area where it doesn't get any direct (sun)light, so I have to place it in the window for half an hour or so before it works... It's about 4 years old, but have not been used every day!

Birgitte England Bergum - Contestar

I'm going to have to add my name to those who don't understand why this isn't a standard option, why it is that Logitech recommends that we toss the keyboard once the battery wears down? The justification some people here surmise is that it's because lithium batteries require special disposal. But what does Logitech think most people are going to have to do with the keyboards with the dead lithium batteries in them? It's irresponsible of Logitech to have this on the market and not to offer a way of replacing the battery or at the very least encouraging customers to responsibly change the battery.

Kudos to ifixit for providing responsible solutions.

David Cameron - Contestar

I bought a new keyboard on amazon but after finding out about how to change the battery on here, I canceled the purchase and bought the battery instead. Thanks!

Josie - Contestar

I have 2 keyboards that I was going to toss when I thought I would try to get the battery out. I was able to get the holder partway out.. You told me how to fix that . Thank you..

Lavenderelf Sorbet - Contestar

I found this After I figured I could replace the battery and did. So easy. I have been with out this keyboard for weeks thinking I had to send it in just to replace the stupid The DO NO REPLACE BATTERY . DUMB. Logitech! Make it easier to like your products and not do stupid stuff like this. Most of us are quite capable of this simple feat. Thank you cityzen!!

Andrew - Contestar

Hi, thanks for the great step by step instruction. I managed to sort this out within a few minutes using a ML 2032 from eBay. I was expecting difficulties getting the tray out but a few light taps on the screwdriver and the tray was out.

Anders - Contestar

Thanks for this. I left my old keyboard on for two weeks unused, then found it completely dead. Reading a comment above, I removed the yellow sticker and reinserted the battery. Worked immediately.

Harlan Zimmerman - Contestar

In a pinch, I covered the solar panels with black gaffers tape (electrical tape will work too) to stop the charging and and used a regular CR2032 battery. I haven't decided if this will be a permanent solution or if I'll order a ML2032 from Amazon/Ebay.

stevesmail99 - Contestar

My keyboard stopped working out of nowhere at about a year old. I didn't use it often. Yes sometimes I would forget to turn it off, but I don't think that was enough to kill it! Found this article and decided to give it a try. Got my ML2032 battery on Amazon for less than $10. Great step-by-step instructions. Once I got through the difficulty of removing the old battery, replacing it was easy. Worked fine the first night but next day it was dead again. I don't know if it is the battery or just a defective keyboard. Either way I think its time for me to call a quits with this one :( I really liked this keyboard too!

Maria - Contestar

Thanks. I have ordered a new battery from eBay. This article just stopped me from shopping for a new keyboard. I really like my K750 and want to give it a new life

William - Contestar

Anybody tried to do a cable mod on the keyboard? I am sick of adding to the electric dump, so I am thinking about connecting a cable to the battery poles.

tomasio reicht - Contestar

I did sort of a "cable mod" on the keyboard. It's a very invasive mod but I have a large lithium battery that will last for probably a year or more. Here's a link to my atrocity:

lanzer22 - Contestar

awesome! took me 2 seconds!

Jimmi - Contestar

My keyboard went dead and I suspect it might have been partly because I put a pile of DVDs between it and the window in my office, thereby restricting the light to the solar cells. There again, It might have been the age of the battery, which significantly was just over three years old - the guarantee period.

Anyway, I put the keyboard by a well-lit window for several days to no effect and then I left it out in bright sunlight for about 8 hours and then put it under the bright halogen bulb in my desk lamp over night, and lo and behold it came back to life. The first glimmer of hope was when after hours of illuminating it with bright light, the red light in the light guage momentarily flickered and that was the beginning of the recovery.

What I suggest is that you always press the button on the top right corner next to the on/off switch to ensure that there is enough light to charge the solar cells (ie the green light must come on) and don't use it unless that happens. So, it might be worth persevering.

John Adler - Contestar

I tried similar things with TWO of these keyboards that had not been used in a long time. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this website that I even realized there were batteries in these. Duh. Anyway, after numerous attempts to recharge the solar panels using various bright lights, I concluded that the batteries were dead/dying in both units. Reordered…will see if I can get them going with new batteries when they arrive.


My battery is on its last legs. (I'm typing with it now.) My question is: If the battery that came with the K750 is chargeable, how does one CHARGE it? No one seemed to ask that question. Any takers . . . ?

gerryc1836 - Contestar

the mini solar panels on the keyboard constantly charge the battery, there is a charge indicator button on the upper right side that will launch an app onto your pc screen showing status. this thread is about changing a worn-out battery that no longer accepts a charge

Troy Kadikoff -

I have just followed advice at and have followed this procedure:

Turn off the keyboard.

While holding onto CAPS lock, keep pressing a few keys for the next 5 or more seconds.

Turn on the keyboard.

It worked for me.

I may also have a weak battery (the red LED flashes when I press the test putton), but at least I can type with it again. My keyboard is about 4 years old and this is the first time it has stopped working.

stephen.challis - Contestar

Great guide. My battery has lasted for eternity and just started to die. Mine was stamped with '09, so I presume 2009 and it is now 2017. Not bad at all.

On a totally unrelated side note, the ML2032 rechargeable lithium battery is also what you should use to replace a Dreamcast clock battery.

Trevor Stokes - Contestar

Does anyone know why there’s a Do Not Replace Battery sticker on the original battery? I looked on the Logitech site and find no information on the subject.

cumaea - Contestar

I noticed the same thing. Apparently Logitech would prefer you buy a new keyboard rather than buy a new battery!


Excellent guide. I followed the instructions and my keyboard is working again. I found a reasonably priced replacement battery at

pt973 - Contestar

Worked perfectly. Thanks!

Susan Bramhall - Contestar

Super gut! Danke für die gute Beschreibung.

Ich hatte eine andere Anleitung angeschaut, aber da wurde nicht auf die Polarität hingewiesen. Das ist hier schön zu sehen. Das Logitech das so schwer macht ist ein Unding, vor allem das von Seiten Logitech keine Hilfe zum Austausch gibt. Mehr noch, es wird gesagt man sollte es nicht tun. Ich kann nur jedem Raten es selbst zu versuchen. Bei mir hat es super geklappt und ich spare mir 80€ für eine neue Tastatur.

Ich werde mir keine weitere Tastatur von Logitech kaufen!

Alexander Ki aus O - Contestar

The battery can be removed, with a bit of difficulty, and replaced with a LIR2032H from Amazon.

Works a treat.

Eric Warmington - Contestar

While wanting you to buy a new keyboard may indeed be a reason for the battery warning it could also be a healthy dose of litigation fear. People are stupid. Really stupid. A “caution - use only rechargeable ML2032 battery” does not protect the company from someone sticking a CR2032 into the unit and causing a fire as much as “Do Not Replace Battery”. In the former the question “so, how do you protect the customer from putting in the wrong battery” can be a pain to answer and not worth the effort for a $60 keyboard. Putting on the Do Not Replace Battery sticker lets the company simply say, what part of Do Not Replace Battery did you not understand.

I agree that not making it easy to replace sucks but unless the battery is keyed to prevent misuse then… well… People are stupid.

David Logan - Contestar

Well, now Logitech themselves say in their site “Ignore DO NOT REPLACE BATTERY instruction on the label”.

So if they put that in the label to avoid possible litigation, now they have a new source of litigation in their own website ;)

Octavio -

Maybe they’ll figure it out by the third revision. The K750 is sold still as a Mac and there’s a Window specific one.

Pat -

Excellent tuto. Permet de redonner une 2e vie au clavier K750 de Logitech. Et cela pour moins de 4 euros (prix moyen de la pile rechargeable “ML2032 battery”). Que l’on trouve très facilement sur Internet. Honte à Logitech ! Shame on Logitech ! Logitech fait croire à ces cliernts que la pile du K750 ne peut pas être changée. C’est faux. Honte ! Honte !

Peggy Bouveret - Contestar

Kicseréltem az elemet és mégsem működik :(

Ferenc Török - Contestar

This site is a gift! thank you for helping me!

Rhonda - Contestar

ziemlich cool, hatte schon überlegt mir eine neue Tastatur zu kaufen, aber alles prima, Akku gab es bei Ebay für 8 Euro.

Das nenne ich doch mal nachhaltig :-)

Ralf - Contestar

wasted $8 on battery. keyboard still wont work. what now? landfill?

Leif - Contestar

J’ai extrait avec une truelle à bout arrondi, ça marche aussi très bien. Il faut juste insister un peu (juste quelques dizaines de secondes) et à force de répéter le mouvement, ça sort doucement. Je n’ai rien abimé en le faisant.

Et merci pour la référence de la pile rechargeable.

Ah, et ces manipulateurs de chez Logitech on même mis un autocollant “Do not replace battery” sur la pile en place. Ils sont censés faire un produit écolo et durable et ils font tout ce qu’ils peuvent pour qu’on jette au bout de deux ans. C’est une honte.

LeChat - Contestar

Thanks, this was a first step and then I clipped the solar panel circuit as outlined through Endrju’s link: Logitech K750 Keyboard ML2032 to CR2032 Battery Conversion

Works great and using my K750 Mac to type this now. The test light only flashes red instead of green even with a fresh battery now that the wires to the solar panels have been cut but that’s a small difference. Obviously the battery will be dead when I don’t see a red light.

As a benefit, my shaded office (where I do image retouching) rarely saw enough light to keep the keyboard charged for routine use without always storing it on the windowsill even when it was new. Changing it to use regular batteries has improved its utility.

sgregh - Contestar

new lithium battery installed correctly. still zero power. no led light. is there a power contact issue also?

timothy dobson - Contestar

Thank you for the instructions. At first, I put the battery the wrong side and it did not work. Hopefully, the picture showed me how to correctly insert the battery and now, it works perfectly! This keyboard is the best one I've ever tried.

Keniny - Contestar

Before reading the comments, I attacked this task just as stated by the author. My tool was a keychain-sized Swiss army knife. Now, I need to find a store that actually carries this battery. And as for making it easier to remove the battery the next time, I’m leaning heavily towards David Powers’ strategy; when I return the battery tray, I might leave the two pieces of the laminated business cards slightly protruding from the slot.

Willy thehero - Contestar

UPDATE: On 7/27, I submitted a ticket to Logitech support reporting that the link to the user guide for the K750 keyboard was dead and received their reply today. They provided to me this link for resolving the most common issues:

Scroll to "Changing the batteries in the K750 keyboard". Good luck!

Willy thehero -

This is really helpful (unlike some of the U-Tube videos - where the doozie trying to show you has the battery compartment out of the frame as he takes it out). But I got my keyboard to work again by taking the old battery out and just putting it back in again!

And why does it say “don’t replace battery” - so you go buy a whole new keyboard?

pneustatter - Contestar

Opération réussie en moins de 5 minutes, diagnostic et recherche sur internet incluse, merci !

Quant à logitech , honte à cette entreprise pour utiliser l’obsolescence programmée à ce niveau aujourd’hui…

Hubinois Céline - Contestar

Hi , can i Use a LIR 2032 lithium ion which is a 3.6v instead 3 v ? its for my k750 keyboard for windows ( black ) and mac ( white)

rayprincetonusa - Contestar

Point of interest is there seems to be 3 things holding in the battery.

The 2 ‘wings’ and there is an indent just under the door which seems to prevent the whole mechanism from ejecting.

I slid a spudger (a thin metal prybar) or a thin screwdriver between the case an that indent thus freeing the hold on the whole tray.

Then taking a push pin to each lower corner I ’walked’ it right out alternating the prying left and right.

Mark Garland - Contestar


misterphillip - Contestar

Help! I totally screwed up. I removed the compartment and replaced the battery. Then I accidentally installed the whole compartment upside down and can’t remove it. Any recommendations?

Sid - Contestar

Just need the battery tray. But 16 dollars for it, is too much. Any other solution?

Tião Égua - Contestar

Very Helpful.!. Keep Up Your Excellent Info Site

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