After the top casing is removed we can remove the bottom casing to isolate the motherboard.


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Power down and unplug the device.
  • Power down and unplug the device.

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Remove the antennas from the back of the device. To do this, follow steps 1 and 2 of      Installing the Antennas Guide: Linksys WAP54g Antennas Replacement

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  • Remove the two black rubber feet of the device using the screwdriver. The feet are located on the bottom towards the front.

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  • Once the feet are removed, two small screws will be visible. With a small screwdriver, unscrew them. Screws are phillips head, 4.35 mm in diameter, 7.88 mm in length.

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  • To remove the front blue panel, grip firmly and place thumbs in the two notches on top. Push thumbs forward while keeping a firm grip on bottom.

  • This may require a bit of force.

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  • Now slide the bottom panel forward and remove it so the top casing is isolated from the bottom casing and motherboard.

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  • Unscrew the nut on the outer side of the back casing. Remove the nut and the washer from both antenna mounts.

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  • From here, remove the wires and nuts connected to the back panel by pulling the nuts through the holes.

  • Now the top casing has been removed and isolated from the rest of the device. From here, you can make repairs to the top casing.

  • Once the top panel is removed the main board will still be attached to the bottom panel.

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  • Unscrew the two screws that connect the motherboard to the bottom casing.

  • The motherboard and bottom casing should be completely separated at this point. This allows for replacement of the motherboard and/ or its components as well as the bottom casing.

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After the motherboard is isolated component level repairs can be made.

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