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Eliminación de humo, sombras y polvo detrás del panel LCD de 20, 21.5, 24 y 27 pulgadas de iMac de aluminio no unicuerpo.

  1. Desmonte el panel LCD iMac de acuerdo con la guía existente Reparación iMac Intel
    • Desmonte el panel LCD iMac de acuerdo con la guía existente Reparación iMac Intel

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  2. Mueva la pantalla hacia abajo (asegúrese de que no haya nada entre la pantalla y la mesa);
    • Mueva la pantalla hacia abajo (asegúrese de que no haya nada entre la pantalla y la mesa);

    • Retire los 4 tornillos del soporte izquierdo y luego los 4 tornillos del soporte derecho como se muestra (el más pequeño se encuentra en la parte inferior);

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  3. Reparte el espíritu de reparación esta Navidad
    Obtén $12 de descuento en tu compra de $50 o más con el código FIXMAS12
    Reparte el espíritu de reparación esta Navidad
    Obtén $12 de descuento en tu compra de $50 o más con el código FIXMAS12
    • Use una "espátula" para separar los soportes del marco del panel LCD como se muestra;

    • Use un "Post-It" para mantener el adhesivo del marco;

    • Continuar suavemente entre el soporte y el marco;

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    • Usando el "Putty Knife" haga una ranura en el escudo alrededor de todo el marco;

    • Una vez hecho esto desde la parte inferior central a los bordes del panel LCD, desenganche el marco (no toque la parte superior). Los clips están ubicados en:

      • Abajo a la izquierda, centro, a la derecha;

      • Abajo a la izquierda, arriba;

      • Derecha inferior, superior;

    • Levante el marco 90 ° máximo;

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    • Con los guantes y una ventosa, levante suavemente la hoja de LCD (no más de 90 ° de no hacerlo puede doblar la LCD y causar problemas de visualización de la imagen);

    • Limpie meticulosamente el interior. No use ningún detergente a lo sumo con un paño que no contenga pelusa o microfibra muy humedecido;

    • No utilice un pulverizador de aire ya que podrían dejar marcas. Lo mejor para deshacerse del polvo es un simple secador de cabello que va desde el centro superior a los bordes;

    • El reensamblaje está retrocediendo esos pasos asegurándose de deshacerse de sus huellas dactilares;

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1 Guía escrita

Thank you for this guide! Helped me very much. And now my iMac is clean again :)

Robert - Contestar

I got the screen cleaned and all was well but when I returned everything back to the iMac the lower part of my screen didn't work...

Chris Malka - Contestar

If the backligt is ok but no image check connections :

— To the logic board ;

— Then underneath the protective cover on the top of step 2 image…

If the backlight is not ok check the connector and the cable at the lower right corner of step 2 image.

Beware that if you have bended the LCD you might have damaged it.

LLange -

It sounds like the LCD got bent then because the connections are fine so I just ordered a new LCD. But the guide was definitely helpful, I got the dust out!

Chris Malka -

Sorry about this I'm adding a warning on Step 5 to lift gently and no more than 90° hoping this might prevent others to have the same issue.

P.S. the LCD has an electronic board some times people have flickering issues after the display warmed-up. Thus changing that "inner-board" might solve their issue ⇒ after you receive your new LCD, try to sell the old display "inner-board" as well as the connectors…

LLange -

Thank you! Great guide! My LCD panel is now clean again ! i made it in 1h30.

srunde - Contestar

I bought a late 2009 iMac off of craigslist four days ago for a CRAZY price, the reason he sold it to me so low was because over half the screen was covered in a grey cloud that only showed up when it was on a white screen. After following this operation I now have a perfectly fine iMac for $250. Come up! Thank you guys! I ran into little to no difficulties, except the first time I did it I trapped a single hair in there that I knew would just drive me insane but after the second time it's now perfect.

Max - Contestar

The 21.5" LG lcd panel only has side brackets. In this example with the 27 LG led there are corner brackets.

When disassembling the panel for the 21.5" are there only these side brackets and then cutting off the covering tape? Also seems on the 21.5 lcd it has a lot of clear tape and electrical tape on top. Does this get completely removed?

Rajan - Contestar

The side brackets on the 21" version do not need to be removed. The brackets help to assist the repair as a lever to pry the frame apart. The prying should be done with a spider not a putty knife as one slip and you can cause more damage.

Also in the 21 version be careful of the tabs on the side. Those are not convenience tabs but part of the lcd panel.

Rajan - Contestar

All perfect but mine (2010, 27") has dust under the backlight diffuser too. Is it possible to disassemble the panel and clean this? Its moving around a 1-2mm underneath the black plastic frame, looks like a thin plastic panel. Thank you in advance.

manosr35 - Contestar

Late answer but might still be usefull for others : I don't know except the LCP panel is fragile thus I'd consider trying with 4 hands and a air compressor (no bottles/cans as the gas my leave traces). Step 0 on every fix should be "work in a as clean as possible evironement".

Try some how to have the room you're working in as if it was a clean room (wet dishtowels are a pretty good seal and dust filter). You want to dettach dust particles from the assembly and have them fly far away from it without new one sticking back. You may also try to use "3M Hand-Masker Dirt Catcher Super Sticky Mat" (available on Amazon if not on iFixit) in the air-stream, surely dust particles will fancy it better than the LCD assembly.

LLange -

Tread very, very carefully with that LCD panel.

Kevin McCartney - Contestar

yes, thank's is good

driss abdouh - Contestar

Does this procedure work with late 2012 iMac? Thanks!

pablo - Contestar

I'd say no because the LCD is thinner but it's possible we can still disassemble it. From my experience some of those display may have "ghost" / "burned into" / persistent image that sticks to the screen…

LLange -

My Late-2015 iMac 27 Inch also got this problem, is there any way to clean it or must bring to iBox / Service Center or just leave it until the ‘smoke/dust/dirt’ cover up all of my screen? :(

Notes : When I check, the dirty part is behind my mouse cursor, I still can see the cursor clearly when I move it on the dirty spot..

Hartawan - Contestar

From iFixit iMac 21,5 teardown step 7 I see couple of screws around the backside shield (never had to clean one)…

However, before openining any Late 2012 and later iMac consider buying adhesive strips with opening wheel (way easier than guitar picks to get the screen out and you don’t need a heat gun).

Take extra care next near the top center part (you don’t want to brake the camera cable)…

LLange -

Will this work on my iMac 2011 27”? Thank you!

Esteban Sebastiani - Contestar

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