After concluding that the display of your Lenovo IdeaPad P500 is broken or malfunctioning, this guide will show how to replace the LCD display with a new functioning one. Use a #0 Phillips screwdriver alongside a Spudger prying device to complete this guide.


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  1. Turn off laptop before beginning.
    • Turn off laptop before beginning.

    • Remove the five 5.0 mm Phillips #0 screws marked in this picture.

  2. Use the spudger to separate the bottom panel from the laptop case.
    • Use the spudger to separate the bottom panel from the laptop case.

    • It is recommended that you start from a corner and work your way around the panel.

    • Be careful not to bend or break the bottom panel.

    • Lift up the right side of the case as shown, and slide it to the left to detach the case.

    • The disk drive will remain attached to the bottom panel. Sliding the panel to the left disconnects it.

    • To avoid damaging the disk drive connector, avoid lifting the right side of the panel too far up.

    • Remove the two 2.5mm Phillips #0 screws marked in this picture.

    • Locate the battery connector.

    • Using the pointy end of the spudger, press down on the middle tab of the connector to release the retaining clip.

    • Work each side of the connector out until it comes completely out. Pull it free of the connector housing.

    • There is still a live current in the battery. Use a plastic tool to pull the battery connector.

    • The battery can now be lifted from the laptop case.

    • Work the spudger around the three outside edges of the device to remove the front plastic bezel.

    • Work slowly and carefully to prevent damage to the bezel or display of the device.

    • It is recommended to start at a corner and work around the edge of the bezel.

    • Be careful working near the bottom of the display so that the back light is not damaged.

    • Work your hand along the bottom side of the bezel.

    • Once the screen bezel is only attached at the hinges, grab the bezel with both hands near each hinge and pull straight back towards yourself to separate the bezel from the device.

    • Remove the four 2.5mm Phillips #0 screws that secure the display.

    • Be careful when moving the display not to damage the screen cable that connects at the bottom of the display.

    • Set the screen face down on the keyboard to gain access to the screen cable on the rear of the display.

    • Use the spudger to pry up the tape on the screen cable and fold the tape over onto the top of the connector.

    • Firmly grab the connector and gently pull straight away from yourself to separate the display.

    • With the tape removed, the connector is held in with a friction fit. There are no tabs retaining the connector.

    • The display is free from the laptop once the screen cable is disconnected.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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