How to remove the clear plastic screen cover.

Press button labeled "Push". In the photo depicted the button is being depressed by the left finger.
  • Press button labeled "Push". In the photo depicted the button is being depressed by the left finger.

  • Pull back panel toward bottom of phone.

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From the lip on the top of the battery, lift it out of the phone.
  • From the lip on the top of the battery, lift it out of the phone.

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  • Remove the 5 small screws from the back panel, under the battery.

  • There is a hidden screw under the rubber pad next to the antenna. To remove this pad use a screwdriver to pry out rubber.

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  • Starting at the top of the phone near the antenna, use a screwdriver or other small tool, maybe even fingernails, to pry the rear panel off.

    • There are 4 places where the panel snaps together to the main part of the phone.

  • By systematically prying up the edges of the back panel, moving about a quarter of an inch, and prying again, the panel will begin to lift off.

  • Don't be afraid to damage anything, the panel requires a bit of force to detach.

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  • In order to remove the back panel of the screen half of the phone, you have to remove the 4 screws.

  • First, open the phone and remove the 4 rubber pads that are around the screen. you can use a small screwdriver or a pin to pop them out.

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  • Remove the 4 screws using your Phillips head screwdriver.

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  • Similar to removing the panel underneath the battery, you need to pry the colored panel off of the top half of the phone.

  • There are 4 snap-in points and some sticky tape holding the panel on. Starting on the side nearest the antenna, pry off the panel, moving slowly around the panel.

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  • The logic board is only held on with 4 tabs. Simply pry from one side using a screwdriver, popping out the board.

  • Note that the logic board is still connected to the screen by an electrical ribbon.

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  • The speakers are held in by a sticky glue. Be careful not to break any of the components, simply pry slowly from underneath until the speakers pop out.

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  • To remove the screen, grab hold of one or more of the speakers and pry up using the connecting wire. The tape holding the screen in should lift up, and the screen should easily separate from the case.

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  • Detaching the two halves of the phone from each other takes a bit of force.

  • With the phone open, pry from the right side of the hinge with a screwdriver. Using a bit of force, pull apart the two halves.

    • Be careful not to tear the ribbon connecting the logic board to the screen.

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  • After removing the two halves of the phone, put the logic board, screen, and lower half of the phone aside.

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  • Apply even pressure to the back side of the screen cover. It is held by sticky glue. Simply press with your thumbs until cover pops off.

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This was helpful in a LarGe way! I recently managed to tear the screen off of my wife's phone- you know, like a saucer separation from the next generation! Despite the ribbon being no longer unified I thought I might still have a chance to fix it so that the contact list could still be seen and recorded elsewhere. So I bought an identical model for $6 on EBay and swapped the motherboards. Now this flip phone can be seen with the contact list intact and thanks to this posting we are all 'flipping' happy! Thank you for putting this ancient device up for dissection!!! Drew

Drew - Contestar

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