If your keypad stops functioning or the keys are sticking, you may need to go inside the phone to replace the rubber keypad. This guide will show you just how to do that.


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Begin by taking the back battery cover off.
  • Begin by taking the back battery cover off.

    • Put your index finger on the white notch and apply pressure.

    • While applying pressure, move your hand backwards to slide the battery cover off of the body of the phone.

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Remove the battery.
  • Remove the battery.

    • Put your index finger in the notch above the battery near the top of the casing.

    • While applying pressure against the battery, lift up and take out the battery.

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  • Remove the SIM card from its housing.

    • Put your finger in the provided notch below the SIM card and begin to push the SIM card towards the top of the device.

    • After it is out of the metal housing, it is free to be removed.

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  • Remove the four screws along the edge of the phone body, as shown in the picture to the left.

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  • Using the plastic opening tool, pry open the body of the phone, starting at the bottom of the phone (this tends to be the easiest place to start).

    • Double check to make sure the SIM card is removed from its housing. You will not be able to pry open the body of the phone if the SIM card remains in its housing.

  • Continue by sliding the opening tool around the perimeter of the phone. You should hear multiple clicking sounds as you complete this, indicating the clips are becoming unlatched.

    • This may take a few tries to get correct. Don't give up if it doesn't work the very first time.

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  • Put the red casing aside and remove the motherboard from the front casing of the phone by carefully dislodging it from its two clips near the top of the phone.

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  • As you can see, the rubber keypad is attached to the front casing. Gently remove it from the case by pinching any part of it and lifting. Don't worry, it isn't attached too firmly and is easily removable.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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