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Power button of LG G5 has the function of fingerprint scanner. Follow this video to repalce the broken fingerprint sensor of LG G5.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does this cover the power button not functioning? The fingerprint but is vibrating but wont turn the phone on?

mrs_johnson79 - Contestar

My power button had been working only intermittently and then almost not at all. The solution was amazingly simple. I wet a Qtip with alcohol and rolled it around the edges of the button, pushing in as much as I could. Each time I did that the button started working better and better. Now it works perfectly. I think between humidity, finger oil and dust, it just got dirty inside.

Simintov - Contestar

This alcohol qtip comment helped. Button works again!

Sarah Young - Contestar

I had the same problem with my LG G5.  I was very skeptical about the alcohol qtip idea but was all out of ideas and decided to give it a try.  After rubbing it with the qtip for about 5 seconds the button started to work again.  Unbelievable!  Thanks for the great tip.

Craig Meyer - Contestar

Well %#*@. The alcohol and q-tip trick worked! I’m floored. I’ve been double-tapping since two months after I got the phone. I used cleaning alcohol, like that for wounds (70%), and pressed the button in with the saturated q-tip while scrubbing around and on the edge. As the above comments mentioned, repetition resulted in increased success: I used a total of one and a half q-tips, and applied alcohol about 3 or 4 times. No disassembly required.

Alexandra Ramsey - Contestar

Replacing cures power button and fingerprint sensor issues. I tried to cure a non functional power button with contact spray. This didn’t revive the button but killed the fingerprint sensor, too. Replacing the part cured both problems. Turn on assistive touch in settings to power down the phone (if you dont want to just rip out the battery).

Next time I will try the alcohol method.

dl7utx - Contestar

the alcohol worked for me too! but i didn’t have a qtip so wrapped a pencil in toilet paper and dipped it in 99% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) then made circular motions around the edge of the button while pressing. repeated a few times and it worked!!! thanks!!!

Joseph Brown - Contestar

So I dropped mine this morning and the button stopped working. Tried the qtip thing with no results and I didn’t have the tools to open it so I tried the broken iPad fix. You hold the phone with the screen facing up, no extra casing, above 2-3 feet off the ground and drop it. You’re trying to get it to land parallel to the floor. After a few drops, the button came back to life. It’s weird, but it works.

Cakeninja - Contestar

My friend spilt soda on it. Button won’t work at all… any suggestions?

Albert Einstein - Contestar

Question about the fingerprint sensor… Is the sensor tied to the logic board like apple phones? if you decide that the long term repair is a better solution than the alcohol short term bandaid, do you loose the fingerprint sensor functionality because the button is chipped to the phone. In other words you could still use the replacement sensor to power on the device but the security feature would be lost?

Steve Willey - Contestar

The q-tip method worked, I had tried everything and was about to order a power button to replace it myself but the alcohol on the q-tip worked!! #lovelife

Skylier Hertz - Contestar

the qtip suggestions works AMAZINGLY…

Troy Porter - Contestar

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