This set of headphone had no audio on the left side. The audio jack was checked first and it was okay.


No se requieren partes.

  1. Here is an inexpensive but decent sounding set of headphones. The driver (speaker) on the left side did not have any audio out.
    • Here is an inexpensive but decent sounding set of headphones. The driver (speaker) on the left side did not have any audio out.

    • Remove the ear cushion by gently tugging on it. It is simply seated in a gap between the driver and the shell

    • With the ear cushion off, the two Phillips screws that hold the driver to the shell, are visible. remove those.

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  2. These are the two screws that need to be removed.
    • These are the two screws that need to be removed.

    • Both screws are identical in length. No need to keep them separated.

    • Remove the driver from the shell by simply turning it over. You do not want to pull it off, since that may break the two fragile wires.

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    Reparte el espíritu de reparación esta Navidad
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    • These are the only two screws for this repair. Same length no need to separate

    • Visual inspection showed the broken wire going to the + of the driver circuit board.

    • Remove the wiring with a soldering iron and a desoldering wick

    Both wires are connected perfectly but still left ear is not working

    Naman - Contestar

    @panchal you checked for continuity from the plug to the speaker?

    oldturkey03 - Contestar

    • Driver shown with the wiring removed.

    • Leave the existing wire the way it is guided through the shell. Just use a sharp knife and remove the outer insulation.

    • About an inch of insulation is removed, showing the two wires. Copper color is ground red is + on the driver. There is no visual insulation on those strands. It is not necessary to remove any insulation from the two wires themselves. The heat from the soldering iron will melt that insulation.

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    • Here are the two wires soldered back onto the circuit board. Test the headphones before assembling, this will ensure the soldering was cone right.

    • Reassemble in reversed order. :-) this is a quick and fun project. Nice little set of headphones, no cost to repair other than 15minutes of your time.

    Jack pin damage

    Anil Nagar - Contestar


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This we guide on how to repair the sony headphones mdr-zx100 is great, the way the images appear when you hover over it and everything is well enough detailed!

well done, and thank you very much!

Beni john - Contestar

Very helpful. As always, the first step - how to get in without breaking anything more - is the key. In my case the wiring was fine. The driver has just popped out of its socket as the result of a fall. Snapped it back into place and all was well. (From another turkey of a certain age.)

Brian Miller - Contestar

I do understand Brian, I too can't afford a new pair of headphones. So trying to repair it. I opened my headphones there is no problem. I've been using them for 1 and a half year, now suddenly they stopped. Gonna have to buy a new one

redchillies405 -


why? what have you checked besides looked at it? Use a meter and check from the connector to the driver for continuity. then check from driver to driver. that will give you an indication of where the issues are. These headphone are actually straight forward when it comes to repairs.

oldturkey03 -

My Sony hadephone jack and wear problem

Hadephone model :MDR -XB450AP

MY mobile number :7899975295


I want to change my Sony hadephone wear please help me


Wires are fine. I do not understand what has gone wrong. Please help.

Anand Muraleedharan - Contestar

Wire. Are fine left side not working but right side working properly plz help

omairgamer - Contestar

how do you open the multi function button casing on the cable?

Karolek Kuznetsov - Contestar

Thank you very much. I was just about to try harder to pop mine apart with a sharp edge, which would have broken it. My old Sony MDR-CD60 is a little different than yours, but the idea is the same. It has three screws in wells, one of which is pretty deep, so you'll need a jeweler's screwdriver.

jerrykrinock - Contestar

It's simply awesome. I have never visited a website when explains so beautifully. I love the way of posting the photos and the page management is mind blowing.

Thank you for making such a helpful work and l loved it very much.

Yashwanth - Contestar

Miniphone jack is problematic, once it starts to rotate within the housing the wires break - replace.

QuR - Contestar

sir,i am also having this headphone set.Sir left speaker is not working.i checked the wires are ok, please guide me sir,what to do

Arshdeep Brar - Contestar

I have a pair of the headphones but there is a little circular plastic part inside that drum that has a wiring coiled in a circle then a little wire comes out through that plastic to connect to something else, and that's what part I have an issue with so I'm wondering if there would be any were I'd be able to grab a new speaker in general then I can do those 2 solders to put it back together

Dillon Mckenzie - Contestar

I did everything u said but it still didn't work, the wires are fine but it still not playing

shadowdragneel - Contestar

I did everything you said but it still not working. The wires are fine but the speaker still not

shadowdragneel - Contestar

Once I first got these from someone, the left ear had no audio coming out. NOW, the whole thing doesn’t work.

Isa The Iguana - Contestar

Just got the ear cushion off, but how tf do you get it back on?!

Isa The Iguana - Contestar

you start on one corner and then use a push tool like a spudger to follow the contours of the headphone.

oldturkey03 -

I already threw them away cuz’ I got a better pair.

Isa The Iguana - Contestar

my headphones wire have been broke…its can be change?

Ajeet Kumar - Contestar

@albertsupriya sure you can. Have you checked where they might be broken? the connector can be replaced and the other end are easily soldered to the speakers (drivers). Try to ask a question on Answers and give us as much information as possible.

oldturkey03 -

This isn’t what I needed.. ;(

NARbluebird - Contestar

NARbluebird I am so sorry about that. It might help, if you tell us what you need instead of telling us what you don’t!

oldturkey03 -

Is there a way to repair a broken hinge?

mdr650bt left year hinge is broken. Wire is steady. Works fine.

s.naman - Contestar

Will you help me for repairing my headphones. I am not able to remove the cap of bud.

Model - mdr ex150 ap reply me

Manish Rajput - Contestar

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