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In this guide, you will be shown how to change the oil in the motorcycle along with changing the oil filter. Once you know the steps and see where you will be working, it is not hard to complete the oil changing task. Completing the oil change should take approximately 20 minutes.


    • Remove oil drain plug and let all oil drain from the engine. Now remove oil filter cover and take out the old filter.

    • Clean out the oil filter reservoir and put in the new oil filter. Replace the filter cover and screw back on tightly. Also replace the oil drain plug.

    • Remove the oil cap and use your funnel to pour in the oil. Watch the glass oil fill level to see how much has been put in. Once full, put the oil cap back on. (2.5 quarts with oil filter, 2.4 w/o filter.)

    • Now that everything is replaced, start the bike up to make sure you have no leaks and see that everything is running smoothly.


Detailed guide pictures will be added later. Until then, here is a video guide:

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