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    • Remove doors and label (write behind the hinges). Use 3M Advanced Masking plastic.

    • Mask the openings in the cabinet frames

    • Scrub the doors with Dawn dish soap to clean (you can also use a trisodium phosphate - TSP). Use gloves and eye protection. Spray on the tsp and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a clean towel. Use a five in one tool to get the hard-to-reach corners.

    • Caulk the panel inside corners. Use lightning caulk. Then bondo and prime Nick's and dings.

    • Sand the bondo and and the rest of the cabinets. Use denatured alcohol and steel wool to prep surfaces you can't sand. Then use a vacuum, air blower, and tack cloth to clean.

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    • Apply first coat of catalyzed laquer primer surfacer with sprayer. Use risers (plywood and nails) to raise the painted material off of your table and minimize smudges.

    • Then use aqua coat grain filler.

    • Spray on the second coat of primer (spray opposite direction) or you can use a roller. Prime the hard to see surfaces of the frame first, then focus on the face frame fronts where quality issues might be more visible so you can correct them.

    • Then put grain filler on with plastic scraper. Use a cloth to wipe excess and apply in hard to reach areas.

    • Sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

    • Apply first top coat and let dry.

    • Apply second top coat and let dry.

    • Inspect for blemishes in sand down if needed, then touch up.

    • Reassemble cabinets.

    • Prep. Use a 7/64 drill bit for pilots holes on hidden side of doors, then install cup hooks and hang on hangers that rotate.

    • Use 3M 20/20 tape or Frog Tape for prep.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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