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Use this guide to force restart your iPad Pro.

  1. In one continuous action …
    • In one continuous action …

    • … push and release the "Volume Up" button …

    • … push and release the "Volume Down" button …

    • … then push and hold the "Power" button for at least 5 seconds until the Apple logo appears.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does not work on mine

Steve B - Contestar

Don’t push the button for a second, just push Volume up, Volume down and then keep the Power button pressed until the iPad resets.

That’s how it worked for me at least.

Kanpuu -

It does work on my iPad Pro 11 either please help us I purchased This iPad Pro 11 and Apple Pencil 2 on 3/2/19

Regina Baby - Contestar

Pushing volume up button for 1 second and then pushing volume down button for 1 second are wrong,

should just press them once and release immediately.

Vol Up -> Vol Down -> Power (hold for 5s)

Chi Hin Wong - Contestar

Press and release volume up button

Press and release volume down button

hold down the power button, and on mine, I had to swipe the off logo with my other hand before the apple appeared.

Now the Apple is gone, but it’s not rebooting.

i miss the button at the bottom LOL

Pluffmud - Contestar

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