Note: The best time to do this is when the system is new. Older systems may have a visible contrast when the stickers are removed.

On many PCs, the OEM puts branding stickers on. These are prone to wear and tear on laptops. Removing these from a laptop will prevent them from getting messy or clean up an old system where they are worn out.

Guide notes

  • IMPORTANT: The battery must be removed if it is easily accessible and in the line of where heat is being applied; even if it's dead. The battery can explode if it gets hot.
    • Follow the specific guide for your laptop to do this.
  • Be careful how much heat you use. Plastic parts can be melted if they get too hot and will need to be replaced if this happens.
    • To avoid damaging the plastics, only use enough heat to make removal easy.
  • DO NOT USE Goof Off; this will damage most plastics. Goo Gone is safe to use on plastic.
    • If you are in doubt on if solvents should be used, a piece of tape can also be used.


  • In most cases, you will find the Windows XP/Intel/old AMD stickers leave behind residue. This is largely unavoidable (but can be cleaned up).
    • While less common with Windows Vista/7/modern AMD stickers, it can still happen.
  • This procedure can be used to remove most stickers; not just Intel/AMD/nVidia/Windows stickers.
    • While some stickers can be harder than others (often due to age), the procedure will be the same regardless of difficulty.


No se requieren partes.

  1. Every laptop has a different procedure to remove the battery.
    • Every laptop has a different procedure to remove the battery.

    • Before removing the stickers, remove the battery.

    • 30-60 seconds of heat is sufficient to break the glue down.

    • If the sticker is thin, removal can be done with guitar picks.

    • After removing the battery, heat the system up with a hairdryer. Do this until the glue is soft.

    • Peel off the stickers when the palmrest is hot.

    • The bottle my Goo Gone came from broke. I replaced the bottle since it was full.

    • After the sticker(s) have been removed, clean the leftover glue. Use a gentle citrus solvent.

    • Put a good amount on the system. Only use enough to clean the glue.

    • Wipe the glue off after a few seconds. The hot glue will come off easily.

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