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If a seam on your Velcro (i.e. on the flap of your jacket) comes loose, it is relatively easy to sew it back on. You’ll need to be able to use a sewing machine.

  1. How can I resew a loose Velcro on a Vaude jacket?, Variations: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • If the Velcro comes loose on the outer flap of your jacket, you can easily sew it back on using matching thread. If the loop side of the Velcro comes loose, it’s a little harder to fix. We’ll show you in detail how to accomplish this.

  2. How can I resew a loose Velcro on a Vaude jacket?: paso 2, imagen 1 de 2 How can I resew a loose Velcro on a Vaude jacket?: paso 2, imagen 2 de 2
    • Using the seam ripper, completely take out the seam of the jacket flap for about 10 cm where the Velcro is loose.

    • The more of the seam you take out, the better the new sewing on the Velcro will be.

    • Thread the sewing machine with matching thread and place the sewing machine foot as near to the edge of the Velcro as possible. Sew until you get to the corner.

    • Stop at the first corner and lift the sewing machine foot, leaving the needle in the Velcro. Turn the jacket, put down the foot and continue to stitch.

    • When you get back to where you started, lock down the thread by making a few stitches back and forth.

    • To finish the repair, resew the opened flap.

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