Is your headlight not functioning and you’ve tried everything else on the troubleshooting page with no luck? If so, you may want to try replacing the light and this guide will assist you in that goal. All you will need is a Hex 4 bit and a soldering iron with solder to complete this replacement.

  1. Face the front of the scooter towards you.
    • Face the front of the scooter towards you.

    • Remove all four 24mm bolts by turning counterclockwise using the Hex 4 screwdriver bit.

  2. Remove the headlight housing.
    • Remove the headlight housing.

    • The LED should release when you take off the cover.

    • Be careful when taking off the cover; the light is glued onto the cover and could harm the device.

    • Disconnect the red wire using a soldering iron.

    • The soldering iron should melt the glue for you, so don't worry about removing it yourself.

    • For ease of installation, tin your new LED and the connecting wire with the soldering iron and solder.

    • Solder your new light on to the existing red wire.

    • For help on how to solder, refer to iFixit's Soldering Guide.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order with the new LED.

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