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Folks today I'm sharing this repair guide or just any opinion on should you get involved in to repair or it is easy to just an replace this inexpensive dispenser. watch the video and you will understand where I coming from. And I hope it will help.

or even consider of buying, or what to expect if you will buy.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I wish I had found this video before I had bought this particular pump dispenser. On the other hand, maybe my son can actually fix it because he likes messing with things just like this. Thank you, goasfaras, for that very good video. It was very instructive. If you do any more in the future though, pay attention to your voice volume, the direction in which your voice is going, and the pitch of your voice. There were times during the video when I couldn't hear anything that you were saying and I had to guess. I'm hoping that I understood your message correctly in that you said there was no way to fix the pump without using better pieces than what was found on the little board.

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