HTC Desire 510 / RIO - How to replace broken, not working Digitizer glass and/or LCD Display.

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Switch off the phone, remove the battery and any installed SIM and memory cards.
  • Switch off the phone, remove the battery and any installed SIM and memory cards.

  • Remove 7x Torx T5 screws.

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Use a plastic tool to remove the rear bezel.
  • Use a plastic tool to remove the rear bezel.

  • The loudspeaker is on the inner side of the rear bezel.

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  • Disconnect the touch screen flex cable.

  • Disconnect the light sensor flex cable.

  • Unstuck the vibra-motor from the middle frame.

  • Remove the coaxial antenna cable from the middle frame.

  • The LCD display flex cable is connected to the bottom side of the board.

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  • At the upper left side, the board is held by a plastic locking clip. Use a plastic tool and start the separating from here.

  • Gently disconnect the LCD display flex cable.

  • Now remove the logic board.

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  • Put a scotch tape to prevent the glass from scattering.

  • Use a hot gun or hair dryer and warm the glass. This will make the adhesive soften and the separation easier.

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  • Use a cutter and slightly lift the glass in one of the corners. When you make enough room, put a plastic tool.

  • Continue the separating with plastic tools to prevent the middle frame from scratches.

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  • The digitizer flex cable goes under the LCD display.

  • Slightly lift the display and unstuck the digitizer ribbon cable from the from the rear side of the display.

Lifting the LCD out improperly will crack the LCD


  • If you have a broken LCD display, use a plastic tool and remove it from the middle frame.

  • It's not glued to the frame.

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  • Install a new adhesive tape on the digitizer glass.

  • First put the touch screen flex cable in the right hole and then install the LCD Display.

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  • Now is time to reassemble the phone.

  • That's all.

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  • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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thanks for this mate, super helpful

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I did exactly this and when I turn on my phone, the digitizer recognizes touches for a few milliseconds (buggy touches) when I touch it then it stops recognizing touches. What did I do wrong?

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