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If for some reason your battery is dysfunctional, this guide will show you how to replace it.

  1. Power off your GoPro before beginning disassembly.
    • Power off your GoPro before beginning disassembly.

    • Unclip the black latch to the camera case and open the case.

  2. Gently pry the back open by inserting a metal spudger between the case and back panel.
    • Gently pry the back open by inserting a metal spudger between the case and back panel.

    I wanted to take a look inside my Hero+ before I buy a battery. I found the easiest way to remove the back panel was not with a narrow implement such as a flat screwdriver, but with a 2” wide item such as a putty knife or as I used a cheese cutter. I used it on the top and bottom, not the sides, and I removed the back without putting any scratch marks on my GoPro.

    Scott Yates - Contestar

    I found that a flat screwdriver at the top button was the best place to start as there is a cutaway there.

    Brian Looker - Contestar

  3. Disconnect the battery from the motherboard by unplugging the red, white, and black wires from the white adapter.
    • Disconnect the battery from the motherboard by unplugging the red, white, and black wires from the white adapter.

    • Use a plastic spudger to pry the battery off from the white plastic piece underneath.

    • The battery is glued to the plastic so some force might be necessary.

    • Be careful not to damage the battery to avoid releasing dangerous chemicals.

  4. Remove the battery from the GoPro.
    • Remove the battery from the GoPro.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The tutorial is excellent, even with a link to the tools needed, but no link to battery sale.

Could you please include this?

juliomap - Contestar

Very good tutorial thank you. But I can also find no place to buy a new battery... But here is a petition to make Gopro sell spare parts:

maire - Contestar

I followed these steps and inadvertently pulled not only the battery plug but its adapter (housing) at the same time. Now I can't plug the battery back in because there's no place to plug it! Contacting GoPro they stressed that the battery is not intended for removal.

erikwikstrom - Contestar

Awesome! Could you also show us how to put in a new battery, how do i prep my battery? What type of a battery can i use ? Thanks a lot !!

John misquita - Contestar

now add go pro to rice for a day and pray.

chadd23 - Contestar

I was sent the wrong replacement battery. How do I send this one back and get the correct one. I was planning on using it in 7 days. what are my chances???????

samuel j lee - Contestar

Hi, the case off my GoPro broke. :( Can I replace the case ?

If so, where do a find a replacement case and how do I do it?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Jens Van den Eede.

Jens Van den Eede - Contestar

I have a hero 4 sliver I couldn’t fallow these instructions because it they were not for my model. So I’m still having the problem. I believe it could be a loose connection with a battery cable but I don’t knownhow to open it up to look.

Patti Douglas - Contestar

this is where i got my go pro hero replacement battery.

Toby Sullivan - Contestar

This is where I bought my replacement Go Pro Hero battery.

Toby Sullivan - Contestar

how does the battery work?

jcarlosalberto - Contestar

My battery crapped out and I figured the camera was going to be thrown away. Found this video and see it CAN be changed even though I have been told it can’t. Thank you for saving me money!

effie_1953 - Contestar

Performed installation, almost everything went well. Except that my Hero turns itself on when it’s almost completely charged. This never happened with the old battery. Any ideas on a solution? Thanks

Rich C - Contestar

My gopro hero turns itself off, why

environmentalist - Contestar

my GoPro Hero 2018 turns itself off after about 30 min why is that

environmentalist - Contestar

Does it cause any trouble to seals of waterproof in the camera after disassembly

Sashika Wijesinghe - Contestar

I believe the water-proofing on the Hero is from the case not the camera.

Lux Home -

Found the job quite easy but needed a bit of care.

Doesn’t seem anywhere to post a re-assembly comment so I’ll put it here:-

After refitting the battery and reconnecting the connector make sure the wires are not near the sides or corner as a piece of the inner cover moulding goes right down to the bottom in the corner. Also make sure that they do not go over the top notch of the circuit board as they will cover the tiny LED there. Best to go under the bottom notch of the circuit board.

Brian Looker - Contestar

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