No camcorder is complete without beeps to give you feedback to know that you're pressing the right buttons. If you launched your GoPro off a cliff and it no longer produces any sounds, you probably need a new speaker.

Place your thumb on the indentation in the back case on the side of the GoPro.
  • Place your thumb on the indentation in the back case on the side of the GoPro.

  • Gently press down with your thumb and lift the back cover away from the case to remove it.

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Slide a plastic opening tool between the battery and the rear case.
  • Slide a plastic opening tool between the battery and the rear case.

  • Gently pry the battery up and out of the rear case.

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  • Remove the battery from the case.

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  • Remove the four Phillips #00 screws securing the rear case to the rest of the device:

    • Two 5.5 mm coarse thread screws.

    • Two 4.4 mm fine thread screws.

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  • Slide the edge of a plastic opening tool underneath the sticker on the rear cover and gently peel the sticker up.

  • Once you have enough of the sticker peeled up with the plastic opening tool, grab an edge of it with your fingers and pull it off completely.

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  • Grasp the rear case and lift it off of the front case.

  • Do not try to completely remove the rear case yet, as it is still attached by the display port ribbon cable.

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  • Using a plastic opening tool or your fingernail, flip up the locking tab on the SD board ribbon cable ZIF connector on the motherboard assembly.

    • Be careful that you are prying on the locking tab, and not the connector itself.

  • Use a pair of tweezers to remove the SD board ribbon cable from its connector on the motherboard.

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  • Lift the speaker out of the rear case with the tip of a spudger.

  • Remove the rear case.

It's not a speaker it the microphone and the wire is very fragile.

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Hello. GoPro HERO2 there. overheating after doing update. 10-15 minutes after closing. overheating.

coskunadnan - Contestar

You can try put some new heat sink compound under that silver big element (radiator) that you see in step 9 (simply remove 2 screws holding it).

hellfire -

  • Remove the three screws securing the motherboard assembly to the front case:

    • Two 10.8 mm Phillips #00 screws.

    • One 4.8 mm Phillips #00 screw.

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  • Gently grab the edges of the motherboard assembly and lift it out of the front case.

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  • Use a soldering iron and solder wick to desolder the speaker contacts on the motherboard assembly.

  • For an in-depth tutorial on surface mount soldering and desoldering technique, see our Repairing Soldered Connections guide.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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