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Gateway 3545GZ Hard Drive Replacement

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  1. Gateway 3545GZ Hard Drive Replacement, Hard Drive: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Flip the laptop so that the bottom is facing you. You will find in the lower left-hand corner a hole with a small screw; unscrew this with a PH1 Phillips-head screwdriver (Has a plus shape).

    • Screw Length: 3mm

  2. Gateway 3545GZ Hard Drive Replacement: paso 2, imagen 1 de 1
    • Lift up the plastic plate from the outer edge.

  3. Gateway 3545GZ Hard Drive Replacement: paso 3, imagen 1 de 1
    • Finally, slide the hard drive out of its dock; then just lift the hard drive out of the pocket.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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