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To open Quick Test Menu on Samsung Galaxy S5, from the dialer app enter:

Quick Test Menu is a feature that helps you to test your device’s functionality and to troubleshoot a problem with your device.

You can test touch screen, sensors, cameras and so on.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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8 comentarios

Neither code works on my verizon S5

jarrisw - Contestar

Same here. Doesn't work on Verizon S5.

Tom Nepereny - Contestar

Same here my galaxy S5 Verizon on tracfone doesn't work either what's up with that?

gdcass - Contestar

Works on an unlocked AT&T version. Thanks

Alan Harris - Contestar

Does not work on Verizon Unlocked S5

Evan Gray - Contestar

Works perfect S5 Cosmote, Greek

Nikos - maria Katerelou - Contestar

good page.I recomended too

Edwin - Contestar

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