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Fix Receiver Internal Error / Error 4000 / No Model Info

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I’ve been trying these steps on my Yamaha RX-A770 and when I press the info button to update via USB I get error “USB overloaded”. So I tried jumping the two connections in the same spot at R896 and it doesn’t appear to do anything, I continue to receive “Internal Error”. I’ve been searching all over and can’t find anything for this particular model and this error.

martin_dustin - Contestar

i was messing with this receiver, too...First the internal Error, bridged the Points, set the Model and made an firmware update. This Update suxx somwhere at 97%. After i tried to start, i got the Rom Error. I used 4 different USB Sticks to made an update...sometimes it stopped at 10%, sometimes at 70%... I discovered a LOT of dirt on the pcb. So i took some isoproalc and cleades every lil feet of the chips mit a toothbrush. i dried it...started it and voila(!) Update has done without issues. I guess, the dirt on the pcb made some Problems...

Frank Bauer - Contestar

I have a TSR-700 with internal error. Do the jumper thing and only shows the serial number, no the model. And the error is ModelDestError. Cant choose the model, only ------------ ---- shows

Rafael Mota Quintana - Contestar

dears any help with this error on RX-V6A ? thanks

Olusola Ogundeji - Contestar

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