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Fix Receiver Internal Error / Error 4000 / No Model Info

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I’ve been trying these steps on my Yamaha RX-A770 and when I press the info button to update via USB I get error “USB overloaded”. So I tried jumping the two connections in the same spot at R896 and it doesn’t appear to do anything, I continue to receive “Internal Error”. I’ve been searching all over and can’t find anything for this particular model and this error.

martin_dustin - Contestar

i was messing with this receiver, too...First the internal Error, bridged the Points, set the Model and made an firmware update. This Update suxx somwhere at 97%. After i tried to start, i got the Rom Error. I used 4 different USB Sticks to made an update...sometimes it stopped at 10%, sometimes at 70%... I discovered a LOT of dirt on the pcb. So i took some isoproalc and cleades every lil feet of the chips mit a toothbrush. i dried it...started it and voila(!) Update has done without issues. I guess, the dirt on the pcb made some Problems...

Frank Bauer - Contestar

I have a TSR-700 with internal error. Do the jumper thing and only shows the serial number, no the model. And the error is ModelDestError. Cant choose the model, only ------------ ---- shows

Rafael Mota Quintana - Contestar

dears any help with this error on RX-V6A ? thanks

Olusola Ogundeji - Contestar

I have fix a Yamaha RX-V4A with just putting a jumper on J260. Procedure is unplug power jump the jumper the plug it in and when it turn on change setting. Then turn off and on system back to normal.

Kieth - Contestar

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