You may need to replace this board if there is something wrong when charging your device.


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Find the battery and the battery tabs located on the bottom of the Compaq Mini.
  • Find the battery and the battery tabs located on the bottom of the Compaq Mini.

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Push the tabs inward and slide the battery out.
  • Push the tabs inward and slide the battery out.

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  • Find and remove the two screws on the bottom of your Compaq Mini covering the memory compartment.

    • Note that the screws are attached to the panel.

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  • Push out side tabs.

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  • Remove the rubber pads located on the corners of your Compaq Mini.

  • There may be junk underneath it. This is residue left from the glue that held on the rubber pad. Just scrape it away to find the screw.

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  • Unscrew all the corner screws. There are four total, one under each rubber pad.

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  • Unscrew the screw for the bottom case located in the RAM compartment.

Falta um passo, pois nos modelos COMPAQ MINI 110, existe um parafuso que segura o teclado, que se encontra bem escondido dentro da cavidade que encaixa a bateria.

Amilcar Correia - Contestar

  • Remove the three screws in the silver tabs at the back of the keyboard. The red circles show where they are located at the back of the base under the screen.

3 screws in red circles are actually on metal tabs in the battery compartment, 1 deeper than the other 2. There is a keyboard symbol for each of the 3 screws.

Step 8B: Lift out keyboard by pushing upwards on the 2 accessible metal tabs. This is the most difficult step. Lack of Quality Control during assembly may prevent the kevboard from lifting out without breaking!!

John - Contestar

This step may be performed after battery removal. Use care when removing ribbon cable: the white clips holding the black plastic "keeper" are fragile. Reassembly possible without white clips; however, jostling may cause the ribbon to come free.

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  • Remove the eight screws from the plastic top cover.

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  • Pry up the top plastic cover using a spudger.

    • Under the screen there are two tabs that need to be pushed in.

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  • Careful lifting up the cover because the track pad is still attached.

  • Remove the cable by pulling it up.

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  • Remove the three screws.

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  • Pull up on the tab.

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  • Detach the cables.

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  • Remove the two screws keeping the board in place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I am so glad I found your website. I took my netbook in to a computer shop and told it would cost me $122 dollars to fix this power board piece. My AC Adapter socket is loose and wont hold the ac adapter plug anymore. To say the least, I was quite unhappy with that expense, as I only paid a couple of hundred dollars for this new. So, I bought the replacement piece on eBay for 12 dollars and will use this wonderful guide to fix this on my own. Even though I have done minor drive and cable changes in larger computers, I feel that your instructions are super easy and even an amateur like myself should be able to accomplish good results. Thank you.

gloriafeil - Contestar

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