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Si bien los desarrolladores de teléfonos y los programadores de sistemas operativos de aritmética dudosa saltan directamente de ocho a diez, Samsung se mantiene firme y nos da el Samsung Galaxy S9. Solo el desmontaje nos dirá si este teléfono es un verdadero contendiente, o solo una rara máquina Emoji AR.

También tenemos un desmontaje del más pequeño, estándar Galaxy S9—fíjate!

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  1. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+, Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 1, imagen 1 de 2 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+, Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 1, imagen 2 de 2
    • El S9+ avanza en especificaciones y en el número de tamaños de aperturas. Esto es lo que sabemos:

    • Pantalla AMOLED 6.2" sin muesca con resolución de 2960 x 1440 (~530 ppi)

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 o el propio de Samsung, Exynos 9810, según la ubicación.

    • Cámara principal de doble apertura de 12 MP modos f/1.5 y f/2.4 —más una cámara secundaria de 12 MP OIS y una cámara selfie de 8 MP.

    • Conector de auricular y ranura microSD

    • Rating IP68 de impermeabilización y a prueba de polvo

    • Android 8.0 Oreo

  2. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 2, imagen 1 de 2 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 2, imagen 2 de 2
    • En la parte superior, encontramos la ranura estándar SIM, y una cámara/ despliegue de sensor de huella digital levemente cambiados. ¡Dile adiós a los lentes borrosos!

    • El extremo de la parte inferior se ve casi igual al S8—sí, eso significa que la toma de audio de 3.5 mm vive!

    • A primera vista, la rejilla del altavoz parece haber sido reemplazada con un puerto - pero no, eso es aun una rejilla, con una malla plegada bien dentro. ¿Trae algún beneficio que los orificios de altavoces se llenen de pelusa?

    • Como si el orificio del micrófono que imita a un orificio de eyección de SIM no fuera suficiente, ahora tenemos un puerto de carga falso también.

    It's likely that the deeper speaker cavity helps with low-end part of the audio output as it was designed to do. The top speaker is designed to be more of a tweeter, handling mids and highs.

    Akram Ali - Contestar

    Or maybe it’s a lint trap!!!! No reason and no effect to have the mesh near the outside edge. It wouldn’t change the sound at all.

    JBDragon - Contestar

    I haven’t had any problems with lint on my iPhone lightning port or USB-C port… I think you’re just nit-picking. Also aren’t you on the Verge forums? You have debates about iPhone X and Samsung…

    djlobb01 - Contestar

    “SIM-eject-impersonating microphone hole topside” … what happens if an owner mistakenly uses the Sim eject push pin tool in this hole? I did, and felt something give, but havent noticed any problems yet.

    Oopsy - Contestar

    I too accidentally made this mistake out of excitement. No noticeable problems at the moment, but I have no idea how to test a secondary microphone.

    Brad Maloy -

    It’s likely that you just bumped a rubber seal in that aperture, you probably won’t notice microphone performance changes (it’s mostly in charge of hearing ambient noise). There’s a chance you might have reduced waterproofing. It depends on how tough a poke you gave it, but you’re probably fairly safe =)

    Sam Goldheart - Contestar

    Is anyone else bothered that the speaker, charging port, and headphone jack aren’t lined up straight?

    Zach Heaton - Contestar

    I too made the same mistake of poking a pin into the mic hole. I pushed with enough force tat you would think it needed to eject a sin tray. I didn’t notice any give or sounds when I poked it. No noticeable damage or sound issues, just paranoid that a year down the road it’s going to have issues. (Anxiety) I can’t tell enough from the pics to see what lines up with the hole .

    I feel like such a dummy

    Jake Reily - Contestar

    I alo poked the sim eject tool into the hole. I assumed it was either the sim tray or a similar setup for the micro SD card. I’ve had the phone for less than a day and I’m already worried that I’ve damaged it. Unlike other people who feel stupid for doing this, I’m annoyed at Samsung. If you design a car with something that looks like a steering wheel but is actually a wheel release handle, you are inevitably going to get lots of wheels falling of cars. Holes like this have been used for decades to reset electronic equipment, replace SIMs and eject CD drives etc - they have become a standard visual cue that all the highly paid designers at Samsung surely understand. At the very least, the design flaw should have been spotted after shipping and the phones should ship with a yellow hard to remove warning sticker telling people not to poke that hole. I’m almost hoping that the phone doesn’t work properly and that I can return it soon under warranty, rather than worry about it for the next few years.

    yehudaharmor - Contestar

  3. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 3, imagen 1 de 2 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 3, imagen 2 de 2
    • Admirablemente, en un mar de imitadores de iPhone, Samsung se mantiene sin muescas y tiene algunos bonitos engastes.

    • S9+ a la izquierda y el iPhone X con muesca y sin engastes a la derecha.

    • En la parte trasera, el bulto de la cámara del iPhone X podrá ser bastante feo, pero el despliegue del sensor del S9+ se extiende más y se ve raro en comparación.

    • Estas partes traseras de vidrio están volviéndose rápidamente el estándar de la industria gracias a la carga inalámbrica. Una característica estupenda; pero una mala noticia para las personas con dedos de manteca.

    • Por supuesto, el iPhone 4s tenía la parte trasera de vidrio que podrías reemplazar en dos minutos; sospechamos que no será el caso aquí.

    More “sprawling and awkward looking"… Really? You ooze fanboy so hard it's sad; best you'd literally do deplorable things for a chance at an exclusive, prototype iPhone --sheep.

    You're Amateurs - Contestar

    So you are saying that the galaxy s9 plus looks perfect on the back and not at all needing a little diesign tweak? I personally also think that it doen’t look that great

    Zach Heaton -

    Jeez what an embarrassing comment

    Tommy Gurreri -

    The iPhone has the Notch, but you see, there’s BONUS screen on the left and right side of it. Which is wasted space on the Samesung phone, Plus there’s another Black Bar on the bottom of the phone which the iPhone doesn’t have at all. No notch, no nothing. Glass on back was something Apple did long ago on the iPhone 4 and 4S!!! To have FAKE wireless charging, you need to use a non-conductive back. Glass works great for this. Or you go and use Plastic, which I don’t think Apple would use on a high end phone and Samesung has also moved away from on their high end phones. Maybe Ceramic is a option, but more costly. TheiPhone 6 that I have is very slippery and it’s not a glass back. I installed a bulky case to keep it from slipping from my hand.

    JBDragon - Contestar

    What exactly is “fake wireless charging?” Go look at how induction charging works and how you don’t need to plug in your phone.

    Calvin H -

    I think he just means inductive charging in general. The term “wireless charging” as applied to current tech is kind of a misnomer since it’s only wireless in a trivial sense—imagine if someone sold you a “wireless router” but you had to physically place your computer on top of it to get a signal. If true long-range wireless charging ever becomes widely available, today’s “wireless charging” may seem like a lot of silly marketing hype in hindsight.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    (In Mr Burns voice) Samesung ey?

    Seriously though, why are you even here??? LOL

    djlobb01 -

  4. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 4, imagen 1 de 2 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 4, imagen 2 de 2
    • Antes de sumergirnos, llamamos a nuestros amigos de Creative Electron para una misión de reconomiciento llena de energía.

    • Además de la nueva cámara doble y una mezcla de componentes menores, las cosas se ven casi igual que la última vez.

    • De hecho, el diseño de la batería rodeada de la placa madre es común en muchos teléfonos inteligentes recientes, con una excepción notable.

  5. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 5, imagen 1 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 5, imagen 2 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 5, imagen 3 de 3
    • Si bien no es el S4, el S9 es en realidad un respiro bienvenido de nuestros más recientes y destructivos desmontajes.

    • La aplicación estándar de calor y la púa de apertura nos ayuda pero no es muy fácil.

    • Gracias a nuestra experiencia previa, y no gracias a Samsung, hemos podido despachar de manera segura el cable del ensamblaje del sensor sin ninguna pérdida. ¡La documentación hace del trabajo un sueño!

  6. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 6, imagen 1 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 6, imagen 2 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 6, imagen 3 de 3
    • Luego de navegar una apertura traicionera, encontramos la forma de llegar a la parte trasera del teléfono.

    • Nos dirigimos directamente a la cámara trasera para darle un vistazo a la nueva cámara sofisticada de doble apertura en acción.

    • La cámara ajusta automáticamente la apertura para ajustarse a luz baja (a f/1.5 tiene la apertura más ancha que cualquier otro teléfono) al mismo tiempo que mantiene un estándar (y más nítido) f/2.4 para fotos normales.

    • Las lentes de una cámara estándar utilizan al menos cinco aletas de apertura para mantener la apertura aproximadamente circular durante muchos ajustes de número f. La apertura de este Galaxy tiene solo dos aletas rotatorias en forma de anillo para su único ajuste.

    I wonder how well the 2 rotating ring blades will hold up over time? It is a moving part on a device that gets a lot of abuse. Far more in general than a Camera From what I’ve heard, it’s more hype than anything on this phone. As in it doesn’t do a whole lot. Will that become a new thing on other phones, or will it go away as a failed experiment? Who knows at this time.

    JBDragon - Contestar

  7. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 7, imagen 1 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 7, imagen 2 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 7, imagen 3 de 3
    • El sensor de huella digital relocalizado es nuestra primera víctima al sacarla de su hogar. Un circulo pegajoso mantiene el sensor en su lugar y los líquidos fuera.

    • Estamos un poco decepcionados que Samsung no ha pensado todavía una forma mejor de enrutar ese cable de sensor de huella digital—quedó atrapado en un pegamento desagradable cuando levantamos la tapa trasera, costándonos casi el sensor. ¿El próximo año, Samsung?

    • Quince tornillos más tarde, la conocida oblea de dos piezas de marco medio sale, con su bobina de carga inalámbrica integrada, ensamblaje de antena, y altavoz inferior todos a bordo.

    • ¿Qué necesitas para remover una batería pegada del móvil Galaxy?

    • Opción 1: mucho calor, una herramienta de apertura, un extintor, un balde de arena, y nervios de acero.

    • Opción 2: una jeringa cargada con Removedor de Adhesivo de iFixit.

    • Optamos por el último y salpicamos un poco de esa cosa azul en el contenedor que contiene la batería. Unos pocos minutos después, tenemos nuestro premio.

    • Esta es una batería de 3.85 V, 3500 mAh con 13.48 Wh. ¿Te suena conocido?

    • Sí, esas son exactamente las mismas especificaciones de la batería que encontramos en el S8+ el año pasado... y la infame Note7.

    • Por cierto, a Samsung realmente le gusta poner esta cincha pegajosa negra encima de las batería, y nunca hemos sabido la razón. Avísanos si saben algo al respecto.

    The sticky black webbing is surely something to drive the heat away from the battery, no?

    Gimi - Contestar

    Option 1: lots of heat, a pry tool, a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand, and nerves of steel vibranium. “

    most likely what I would end up doing.

    Aiden - Contestar

    The black sponge tape over the battery is to allow for the miniscule amount of battery expansion that is 100% normal to every aging li-po battery and to not cause damage to the backglass when it eventually needs that space. Case closed.

    You're Amateurs - Contestar

    Is that stuff even needed? The battery is glued down so well it’s going no where. So a little gap to allow for expansion shouldn’t hurt things that you need that mat. Who knows, and does it matter?

    JBDragon - Contestar

    It's precision engineering, so yes it matters. If you drop your phone the small gap doesn't transfer energy as pushing the battery against the plastic frame does; as lipo(s) expand the high density foam gives way for that expanded space. It's likely on a nano-meter scale, but precision engineered as I said. Such engineering allows for cohesive standards and ability to reverse engineer in the wake of something as large as the Note 7 issue…

    You're Amateurs -

    Is the black webbing conductive?

    michael munroe - Contestar

    Can you get the adhesive remover in Australia? I would like to give it a shot

    James Turner - Contestar

    Just Use Alcohol or even Orange (not the orange you eat) find it at supermarkets if you can wait a few minutes. I’m inpatient De-Solv-it

    Highly effective solvent-based cleaner

    Natural citrus base

    Safe to use - Not Class 3 Flammable

    No overwhelming vapours

    Australian made

    Used to be sold at Coles now I only find it at Bunnings

    Paul Zacharis -

    Every other phone has pull tabs for the battery. I guess Samsung didn’t get the memo. Looks like I’ll have to invest in this syringe as I plan on having this phone for years to come.

    Psedog - Contestar

    Maybe it helps the robot to recognize the boundary of the lipo battery. Samsung may use different suppliers as was the case on note 7

    ooisk44 - Contestar

    Samsung engineer: “We do not know how, but the black sticker prevents battery explosion. So we just left it here. Magic.”

    Евгений Фирсов - Contestar

    avec juste un sesamo et un peu de chaleur je vous retire la batterie en 2 min sans la tordre ni la boursouffler et l’ecran reste intacte idem pour le cache batterie .

    mercy yoann - Contestar

    It’s for thermal expansion. Batteries breath - inhale during charge up need room. Much like the lungs in our chest cavity.

    Kashif Maqsood - Contestar

    Keeps pressure off the center of the backglass or else it would break 1,000,000,000,000 % faster

    Joey Glaser - Contestar

  8. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 9, imagen 1 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 9, imagen 2 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 9, imagen 3 de 3
    • Liberaremos la placa madre tan pronto como saquemos los dos tornillos y retiremos un par de conectores FPC.

    • Nadie esperaba que este cable de pantalla estuviera enhebrado a través de una raja en el chasis y aferrado a la placa madre como si lo estuvieran empujando a su destrucción.

    • Nadie excepto tú, si has leído todos nuestros desmontajes de Galaxy durante años recientes.

    • Samsung, vemos por qué lo hiciste, pero estamos bastante seguros que eres inteligente. Es el año 2018—muéstranos una pantalla que podamos desconectar y reemplazar sin tener que cortar la tapa trasera pegada. ¡Te desafiamos!

    • Logro de placa madre: desbloqueado.

    With a ip68 rating? You're dreaming, and your use of hyperbole is

    You're Amateurs - Contestar

    “Glue: an adhesive substance used for sticking objects or materials together.” Pressure sensitive adhesives, like double-sided tape, are also glues, they just have a carrier =)

    Sam Goldheart -


    thoughts on the above comments?

    George A. - Contestar

    @pccheese excellent comment followed by an even greater reference :-)

    oldturkey03 -

  9. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 10, imagen 1 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 10, imagen 2 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 10, imagen 3 de 3
    • A pesar de los sensores de doble imagen, esta cámara doble es una única unidad, en un único PCB, con un único conector.

    • La suma total de la cámara de S9+ llega a cuatro—además de la (nueva) cámara principal doble, tenemos las cámaras selfie e iris.

    • Se podría argumentar que con la adición de la cámara de doble apertura, el total es de cinco cámaras. Cuatro sensores de imágenes, pero cinco formas de capturar esas imágenes.

    • La línea de cámara parece llamarse "Star" esta vez, comparada con "Dream" del año pasado.

    • Nuestros amigos de TechInsights desarmaron los módulos de la cámara y hay chips merodeando allí. Samsung afirma que su DRAM integrada ayuda a que la cámara reúna hasta cuatro veces más datos de imagen. ¿Alguien quiere 960 FPS en cámara lenta?

    ‘star’ is a device codename of S9 (starlte) and S9+ (star2lte), while ‘dream’ is the codename of S8 (dreamlte) and S8+ (dream2lte).

    Daniel Simko - Contestar

    People leave out that the 960fps is at only 720P and it’s only for a few seconds which seems silly!!! Also way to SSLLLOOOWWW. As someone who does use Slow-Mo on my iPhone once in a while to record Industrial machines in a factory so that I can see what’s happening at a slower speed because it’s normally to fast for my eye’s to catch what’s going on, that is slow enough for my needs and I can record for a long period so that I can catch it making the mistake. Apple’s 240fps, is a really nice speed, where it’s slowed down enough to see what’s happen, and actually moving. To SSLLLOOWWW and you couldn’t see what was really happening. Besides the S9 can do the same as the iPhone now at 1080P 240fps which is really more useful anyway. What I’m seeing from a number of sites, Camera Sites for example, it’s recording for only .2 seconds and playback is 30fps for 6 seconds. Who the !&&* would use that? That is a GIMMICK. So stick with 240fps at 1080P. you have much, much longer/better recordings

    JBDragon - Contestar

    The Slow-mo guys on youtube often record action at a fraction of a second. Enough to play it back to analyze the result. Just because 960fps is too slow for you doesn’t mean it is a gimmick. That’s very arrogant. I don’t find the iPhone 8’s wireless charging necessary but I wouldn’t call it a gimmick. I’m sure you’ll find ways to praise Apple’s version on the next iPhone. You seem to feel the need to venture onto non-Apple pages and articles to tell us how much the Samsung sucks and why it’s the same, yet make a positive spin for every Apple decision. The iPhone has largely stayed the same from the iPhone 6 up-to the 8, however because it’s Apple, it’s familiar and recognisable. Samsung re-uses the same design for the second iteration, they’re now Samesung… I don’t get it. I don’t even use a Samsung as my daily either haha.

    djlobb01 - Contestar

  10. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 11, imagen 1 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 11, imagen 2 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 11, imagen 3 de 3
    • Este poderoso conector para auriculares retorna valientemente. Su junta protege el teléfono y su modularidad promete una reparación poco costosa, si es que necesita reemplazarse.

    • Enganchamos el ensamblaje multiuso de la placa madre con cables de interconexión coaxial, micrófono, Conector USB-C y un montón de muelles de contacto.

    • El puerto de carga montado a la placa hija es más asequible y fácil de reemplazar que uno ubicado en la placa madre. ¡Gracias, Samsung!

    • Luego sale el segundo altavoz —el de auricular—que funciona como un altavoz, permitiendo no solo estéreo pero también con sonido envolvente (como sea que el teléfono lo pueda ofrecer).

    Easier as in you don't have to know how to do PCB soldering

    You're Amateurs - Contestar

    @yuramateurs Correct; not everyone who buys this phone will have the capability to microsolder these components. So it makes replacement much easier for your average individual!

    George A. -

    who is microphone vendor?

    염광현 - Contestar

  11. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 12, imagen 1 de 2 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 12, imagen 2 de 2
    • Tira esa placa madre sobre la mesa y pínchala. Lado A tiene todos los grandes éxitos:

    • Samsung K3UH6H6-NGCJLPDDR4X 6 GB DRAM sobre Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

    • Toshiba THGAF4G9N4LBAIR 64 GB UFS (NAND flash + controlador)

    • AVAGO AFEM-9096 KM1746

    • Qualcomm Aqstic™ WCD9341 audio codec

    • Maxim MAX77705F PMIC

    • Rastreador envolvente Qualcomm QET4100

    • Amplificador de audio Maxim MAX98512

    From the SAMSUNG’s product link , it is 48Gb LPDDR4x which should be 6GB capacity.

    JJ Wu - Contestar

    Oh my GOD!!!! Samesung doesn’t make all their own parts!!!!!! Toshiba, Avago, Qualcomm, Maxim and a number of others!!!! Not that I really care. But this is something fandroids like to bash the iPhone over. The simple fact is, few company’s make their own parts. Apple does design their own parts including the CPU/GPU and other chips and even though the iPhone X OLED screen is made by Samesung, it was designed by Apple!!! That’s the point. A Smartphone is so complex, there is no way any simple company could make ALL their own parts. Samesung does make a lot of their own parts though. That’s a big advantage or them. For those factory’s to make a profit, that have to also make parts for others like Apple. To Apple’s specs. Those places generally have to run 24/7.

    JBDragon - Contestar

    SAMSUNG makes more their own parts than Apple. The one you see here is “Qualcomm AP-based” S9+. You may check “SAMSUNG AP-based” model. SAMSUNG made their own CPU, GPU, modem, NFC, PMIC, LPDDR4x, UFS…

    JJ Wu -

    You sound like a complete dork. Who to is bashing another phone about making their own parts. Get a life or have someone make it for you!!!!

    Bridget -

    Also, apple doesn't actually make their own chips, they design them and have someone else make them. Samsung does it all themselves.

    George A. - Contestar

  12. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 13, imagen 1 de 2 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 13, imagen 2 de 2
    • Lado B tiene todos los éxitos que no pudieron hacer entrar:

    • Módulo Murata KM7N16048 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

    • Controlador NFC NXP PN80T

    • Qualcomm PM845 (probablemente PMIC)

    • Qualcomm SDR845 101 (probablemente transceptor RF)

    • Módulo front-end Skyworks SKY78160-11

    • Qualcomm PM8005 PMIC

    Labeling things as “likely" and continuing to be wrong as stated above? What a $@$* show you've done thus far. How do you have a job here? …unless… you're all amateur jokes?

    You're Amateurs - Contestar

    Could you take picture again?. I can’t recognize the letter on chip.

    CK. RYU - Contestar

  13. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 14, imagen 1 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 14, imagen 2 de 3 Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 14, imagen 3 de 3
    • Hay un montón de actividad en este desmontaje mientras intentamos de sacar la pantalla, pero este pegamento está desafiando nuestra paciencia y abandonamos nuestra pila de iOpeners a favor de una pistola de aire caliente una vez más.

    • Como antes, el calor y la púa de apertura pueden facilitar el trabajo, pero es un esfuerzo maratoniano llegar hasta acá si estás reemplazando una pantalla rota.

    • El cable de pantalla hecho por Samsung, como las cámaras, está etiquetado Star y combina la pantalla y el digitalizador en una unidad sellada.

    • Hay un último chip agregado a la pantalla:

    • Samsung S6SY761X controlador táctil (como se ve en la serie de S8)

    Wow. That screen is now useless. What a

    You're Amateurs - Contestar

    These phones are just getting harder to work on. The screen should be easy to replace as that gets cracked quite often. To replace the screen on one of these, I wouldn’t do it. Where would you take a Samesung phone for a screen replacement?

    JBDragon - Contestar

    Well, I guess you'd go to your bank, and withdraw $400 to pay for it.

    George A. -

    The only way I've been able to remove the screen is to work from the other side.

    Work some isopropyl alcohol through the battery compartment, LCD cable slot, camera mount, and headphone jack area. Flex the glass back and forth to suck the IPA in there, then heat up the aluminum frame to loosen the adhesive holding the OLED panel to the frame. Usually I start from the edge closest to the battery and buttons. As soon as there's a slight gap, work in a pry tool to break the adhesive, add a bit more IPA then heat, and work your way around to the top and bottom, then the other edge just levers off.

    My rationale for starting from that side is that you're heating the adhesive holding the OLED to the frame more than you're heating the adhesive holding the glass to the OLED. It still shouldn't get too hot to handle with rubber/nitrile gloves on.

    I've done this with an 80+% success rate on more than a dozen phones with only two destroyed screens, maybe three, but I wasn't trying to save that last one.

    Mark H - Contestar

    Would you mind posting a close up photo of the Samsung S6SY761X touch controller?

    A better photo may help me identify the chip’s model. Then I can have a closer loot at the specs.

    Samsung seems to hint at a Scan/Report rate of 160Hz/120Hz.


    Michael - Contestar

    @destructive Click any image to blow it up. You can read all the chip markings. Further, if you see an extension like .full or .huge at the end of the image URL, delete it from the URL and refresh to see the image in its maximum available resolution.

    Jeff Suovanen -

  14. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 15, imagen 1 de 1
    • Llegó la hora de una confrontación biométrica.

    • A la izquierda, viéndose casi exactamente como lo que encontramos el año pasado, tenemos el hardware del S9+: escáner de iris, cámara frontal, emisor IR y sensor de proximidad.

    • A la derecha, la razón de ser de la infame muesca de Apple: hardware de identificación de rostro, incluyendo un cámara frontal, proyector, proyector dot infrarrojo, cámara infrarroja, más espacio para el iluminador flood y un buscador de rango integrado en la pantalla.

    • Se requiere algo de ensamblaje.

    • Según las primeras críticas, Samsung podría haber sido bastante ambicioso saltar al tren de Animoji sin una actualización de hardware para que lo lleve a la velocidad correcta.

    Crying on every picture, get a grip

    jcaldwell89 -

    Samesung’s version seems a little creepy. Not sure who would use it. More Gimmick than anything anyway.

    JBDragon - Contestar

    Samsung scans your eye. Apple scans your entire face. Your eye is more unique than a fingerprint or your face. I don’t see what’s so creepy about an eye scanner… they’ve been around since the 90’s, and it’s pretty hard to trick a modern one. While a face, on the other hand, could be tricked easily with a picture molded onto a dummy head or a mask.

    Please stop calling Samsung a gimmick just because you personally have no use for its features.

    George A. -

    I would say both Animoji and AR Emoji are both gimmicks. The difference being you can actually use your avatar as a gif in many 3rd party apps similarly to Bitmoji. It is kind of creepy. However I think both are novelty. You can’t single out Samsung just because you own an iPhone X.

    djlobb01 -

    He's talking about the animoji not the face or retina scanning!

    Richard Denton - Contestar

    Is it just me or the arrangement of the front facing camera and sensors differ from one phone to the other? I have my front facing camera alone on the right side of the phone and the other sensors are on the left side. Also when i checked jerryrig's teardown video on the S9, the front facing camera has another lense besides it.

    Gian Marty - Contestar

  15. Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S9+: paso 16, imagen 1 de 1
    • ¡Eso es todo! Por ahora. Enfiéstense los ojos con este Galaxy S9+ y esperen con ansia más diversión de desmontajes de iFixit.

    • ¿Quieres ser el primero en recibir noticias de desmontajes? Suscríbete a nuestra lista de prensa y obtén las primicias.

    Why a 4 if it's easily opened and fixed screen is an old one which means there is no way of saving it so removing the broken glass with the screen means just replacing everything you guys are way behind on technology

    Gasper Torner - Contestar

  16. Consideraciones Finales
    • Muchos componentes son modulares y pueden reemplazarse independientemente.
    • El reemplazo de batería es técnicamente posible, pero el acceso es un desafío innecesario.
    • El vidrio pegado en la parte frontal y trasera conlleva más riego de ruptura y hace que las reparaciones sean difíciles de comenzar.
    • Las reparaciones de pantalla requieren mucho desmontaje y batallar con adhesivo resistente.
    Calificación de Reparabilidad
    Reparabilidad 4 de 10
    (10 es lo más fácil de reparar)

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Just like the S8 being called the “Dream”, the Note 8 was called the “Great” and the S9 is called the “Star.“ So yes, there are fingerprint sensors out there called the “Dream Finger,“ “Great Finger,“ and “Star Finger.“ Weird, yet hilarious.

iliketurtuls - Contestar

Lmao, I hope you understand your referring to the ribbon and not the entire sensor; I am not at liberty to correct you, but lookup the description of a fingerprint sensor from a genuine OEM authorized reseller

You're Amateurs -

Yes, I do understand that I am referring to the ribbon, that’s why I called it a cable. It’s not a leap to assume that the cable is carrying the label for the assembly. Just like the “S9+” printed on the rear case represents the whole phone, not just the glass.

Sam Goldheart -

The sticky black webbing on the battery is most likely a thermal pad to assist with heat dissipation. An air gap, even a tiny one (microns) still acts as a poor thermal conductor.

Ashley Foxcroft - Contestar

It's interesting, isn't it, that they dedicate significant internal space to that heat pipe for better thermal management. However even so, neither chip (I assume, more testing needed) catches the A11s sustained performance over time. Makes me wonder what improvement that heat pipe would show in the A11. And makes me want an actively cooled A11X clamshell….

tipoo - Contestar

I’m waiting since the launch of iPhone X, I think it will beat a decent amount of i7 processors.

Abedoss -

Dahhhh, A11 already been beaten --follow antutu news more frequently,

You're Amateurs -

You guys did not talk about the new heart rate pulse oximeter sensor that Samsung is touting. I noted it has 4 LEDs (a pair of red and a pair of infrared?). It is definitely not the same part as the S8, which appears to be a Maxim IC. Comments?

anonymous 3038 - Contestar

Probably a similar system to the Apple Watch. Except it’s red instead of green.

Liam Powell -

Hi. Hmm the wireless charger receiver does not look like it is exactly in the middle. It looks more towards the bottom part of the phone. Maybe the size is bigger? Would you please confirm the exact location and size of the wireless charging receiver coil?

Eddy - Contestar

As usually the screen broke? You have to pay for the frame, hearpeace, small prarts and to pay 450$ nice

Fixmart Laboratory - Contestar

My supplier only sells Samsung LCD’s with the Frames, however only accepts ones without frames for recycle. So I have frames sitting around doing nothing.

James Turner -

This is why I haven’t bought a new smartphone in over a year…. I’ll just keep taking my friends money and fix their $800.00+ phones while my $125 (new, over a year ago) ZTE Prestige keeps on doing what the $800 ones do… except the draining my wallet part.

Vincent - Contestar


So, no radio on this model either?

Thanx for another great video and teardown explanation : )

Héctor Gonçalvez - Contestar

At least they made microphone easier to replace, that was the biggest problems in phones. Now give me this phone for free because all older phones from Samsung, Nokia, LG is expensive $@$* who breaks fast.

janisr545 - Contestar

“While phone makers and operating system developers of dubious numeracy skip straight from eight to ten “

Funny, but Samsung actually innovated this first! They went from the Galaxy Note 5 to the Galaxy Note 7

Nick - Contestar

What the auto-adjust aperture camera module size?

Ryan Wu - Contestar

Pour moi ce téléphone aurait une note de 7/10

mercy yoann - Contestar

I dropped and cracked the rear glass on my galaxy s9+. I don't want to take it in to sprint to have them replace it because they'll charge me a fee when I can do it myself. Does anyone know where I can buy one?

Gina - Contestar

I mistakenly thought the bottom of the phone had the sim card slot. I inserted the sim tool into the small hole next to the usb c port. I think this is part of the speaker. Did I do any damage?

Dan Coogan - Contestar

That’s a microphone opening.

Caleb Kan -

me too. I just did that and mic seems to work OK but idk if it works flawlessly or if the seal is broken. Why they make all this things so confusing.

Please let me know your outcome.

Andres Corona -

So what about the camera lens cover? Can that still be replaced in the same way as with the S8+? I.e.: basically just heat it up with a heat gun and snap/break it out, then put a new one in with a sticky pad… All without without having to actually open up the phone?

Obviously the lens cover is now rectangular in shape an no longer square but other than that I’m hoping it’s the same procedure as I have a brand new s9+ that already has a scratch running through the lens which is causing a lot of glare in sunny shots :(

Any news on when a replacement part like that might start hitting the store??


Silvermane - Contestar

The X-ray is my screensaver.

Rob C - Contestar

Compared to other devices, it is decently modular, however I would have liked to see an easy to remove battery.

EXE167 - Contestar

I suspect that the pad on the battery is for friction and vibration control. The gap between the midframe and the battery will close over time and at some point it will rub and rattle.

Kevin McMurtrie - Contestar

I had broken my camera lens glass slip what can i do for it????

Soumyadeep Ghosh - Contestar

How durable is the fingerprint scanner glass?

John - Contestar

Now i am fight (:)) with Samsung. My display crash near CPU (thank you to show me where is it) passing from very hot (summer sunny day +40 and phone working with gmap) to cold (train with strong air conditioner) , and samsung say this problem is not covered from guarantee. Bha… To someone happen? in case please contact me , details on website

image here

Mauro Telani - Contestar

Hello, I own a Samsung Galaxy S9 + Plus, the other day fell to the ground breaking the display and the background images were seen double and moved.

Replacing only the display system? or the defect of the images and due to something else?

ALK - Contestar

but to replace the volume and power keys you have to change the whole central frame ???

Antonio Riccio - Contestar

The power and volume keys can be replaced separately, if you have the parts. They come out of the frame without too much trouble.

Jeff Suovanen -

So i was looking into replacing my s9+ battery. And this is my first time ever even doing anything like that with any phone. Would you recommend me doing it? Or should I just take it to a professional store? What are some of the issues with me doing it and what all can happen? Thanks!

Nick - Contestar

@nickc68 The S9+ is less than a year old, so if your battery is already going bad, you should probably just submit a warranty claim and let Samsung take care of it. I’m all for using the DIY option, but it’s not the customer’s responsibility to replace a faulty battery on a device that’s still under warranty. In terms of the procedure, it’s almost identical to replacing a battery on the S8+.

Jeff Suovanen -

S9+ fingerprint sensor “screen" is made out of what?

James B. Norris - Contestar

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