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  1. Slide the release latch to unlock the battery [1].
    • Slide the release latch to unlock the battery [1].

    • Remove the battery from the computer [2].

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  3. Remove the screw that secures the optical drive to the computer [1].
    • Remove the screw that secures the optical drive to the computer [1].

    • Using a plastic scribe, push the tab to release the optical drive [2].

    • Slide the optical drive out of the computer [3].


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I haven’t actually completed all of the steps, but the guide showed me the Vostro 14 3468 DID have space for the optical drive. Currently, there is just a plastic placeholder there. I configured and purchased the Vostro 14 3468 from Dell directly on 11/15/18 (3 weeks ago) specifically because it HAD an OPTICAL DRIVE in it and didn’t have a 10-key pad on the right side of the keyboard.

When it arrived 2 weeks later, it DID NOT have the optical drive in it. I called customer service, and for 90 minutes, being passed from one unhelpful person to another, I was told the Vostro 14 3468 NEVER came with an optical drive. Your guide shows that it most certainly did. So does Dell’s own manual for the Vostro 14 3468 on their own web site! I am going to order the optical drive, and use this guide to install it. My only concern is that they somehow changed something inside, such as how the optical drive connects to the motherboard, making it so the optical drive cannot be installed.

Thank you for creating these guides.

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