Having trouble with broken or stick keys on your keyboard? This guide will provide you simple step-by-step instructions on replacing your keyboard for the Chromebook 13-7310.

  1. Remove the eleven 3mm Phillips #1 screws.
    • Remove the eleven 3mm Phillips #1 screws.

  2. Use a plastic opening tool to gently remove the back panel.
    • Use a plastic opening tool to gently remove the back panel.

    • It can be easier to pry open near a corner.

    • Use your fingers to remove the connecting cable to the battery unit. Firmly grab the cord closest to the motherboard connection and pull straight back.

    • Remove the four 2mm screws on the sides of the battery.

    • To remove the battery, lift up on one side to get your fingers underneath and lift away.

    • Gently pull to unplug fan connector.

    • Remove 4 screws securing heat sink.

    • Lift away heat sink.

    • Remove the eight 2mm screws securing the motherboard in place.

    • Release cable for touch pad by pulling up on connector.

    • Gently remove the cable.

    • Pull up on connector tab to release IO board cable.

    • Pull up on connector tab to release keyboard cable.

    • Release the keyboard backlight cable.

    • Release the keyboard cable.

    • If taped to the motherboard, gently peel it off.

    • Release eDP cable.

    • Release dc-in cable.

    • Gently lift up the motherboard to remove it.

    • Using the #1 Philips screwdriver, remove the two, 2mm screws securing the fan assembly.

    • Using your fingernails, pull the cooling fan cables loose from the motherboard.

    • We have the tweezers pictured to allow for a clear view of components. DO NOT use the tweezers to remove the cables, they could be damaged in the process.

    • Finally, lift the fan assembly away from the computer.

    • Remove the single 2mm screw securing the IO board to the laptop.

    • Pull up on the connector to release the IO board cable from the motherboard.

    • It may be easier to pull from the blue tab.

    • Remove the IO board.

    • Remove all screws.

    • All screws for the keyboard will have a "K" next to them.

    • Gently lift up the keyboard and remove.

    • This step does not require much force. If you have to use a lot of force to lift the keyboard, check to make sure you didn't miss a screw.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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