Is your screen cracked or not functioning properly? Consider using this guide to replace the screen of your device.

  1. Turn the phone with the back cover facing towards you.
    • Turn the phone with the back cover facing towards you.

    • Carefully remove the back cover by holding one corner of the case and carefully pulling it away from the phone.

    • The plastic case and inner components can break if not pulled carefully, so pull cautiously.

  2. Remove the back cover from your device.
    • Remove the back cover from your device.

    • Find the gap on the bottom of the battery.

    • With a tool or with your hands, pull the battery upward and set it aside safely.

    • Remember to return the battery once you are done, safely placing it in the correct position or as how you first saw it.

    • Be careful with old or damaged batteries and dispose of it appropriately

    • Using a Phillips #000 screwdriver, remove the screws holding the rear mid-frame cover to the mid-frame assembly.

    • Using either a plastic pry tool or your hands, pry the plastic cover away.

    • Using the Phillips #000 screwdriver, remove the three screws holding the top logic board to the main frame.

    • Using the plastic pry tool, remove the flex cables for the screen, side buttons, and digitizer.

    • Using the same tool, remove the antenna from the bottom logic board

    • Carefully pull up on the upper logic board starting from the top and pull it straight up.

    • Once the logic board is lifted perpendicular to the mid-frame, remove the flex cable on the bottom left side of the board.

    • Flipping the logic board upside down, use the plastic pry tool to disconnect the flex cable connecting the camera to the logic board.

    • Pull straight up on the camera and it will slide out of the logic board.

    • Using the plastic pry tool, remove the lower logic board, starting with the removal of the vibrator and working across the board.

    • The board is held down by adhesives, so force is required to remove it.

    • Since the board is fragile, be careful when removing the board.

    • Place the suction cup tool on the bottom left corner of the screen.

    • Pull straight up on the suction cup to pop the screen off.

    • Some heat may need to be applied to loosen the adhesive. Use a hair dryer or heat gun. This device was easy pulled apart without heat tho.

    • Be sure to lift the bottom of the screen up. Be careful of the cables on the top of the screen.

    • Once the screen is free from the adhesive, slide the flex cable through the middle chassis assembly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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