Does your Capresso Infinity Coffee Grinder not turn on? Has the power cord started to fray? If so, there might be an issue with your power cord. Here is a guide to replace your Capresso Infinity power cord. All you need is a Torx Security T10 Bit Screwdriver and a 2.0 Flathead Screwdriver in order to remove the screws to replace the power cord.

  1. Twist the top plastic container to the left counterclockwise.
    • Twist the top plastic container to the left counterclockwise.

    • Pull upwards to remove.

  2. Twist the top burr to the left counter clockwise.
    • Twist the top burr to the left counter clockwise.

    • Pull upwards to remove.

    • Flip entire device upside down.

    • Remove two rubber coverings on the back of the device.

    • Remove four 11.59mm T10 screws.

    • The screws will have small circular washers under them. Put them aside for reassembly.

    • Lift the metal outside casing off the black base.

    • Flip the outside casing forward so you have access to the inside of it.

    • Remove one 11.59mm T10 screw.

    • Let the green wire fall, or place somewhere so it doesn't get in the way.

    • There will be a small metal retainer and washer, put them aside for reassembly.

    • Remove two 11.59mm T10 screws.

    • Remove the time/on switch by pulling upwards.

    • Remove two 13.60mm T10 screws.

    • A white, flat plastic piece will have come loose. Place this to the side for reassembly.

    • Using a Flathead screwdriver loosen the two screws connecting the white and black wire to the plastic box.

    • Do not remove the screws from the box, but loosen them enough to disconnect the black and white wire.

    • Originally attached to the inside of the outer casing, the green wire needs to be fed through the zip tie which keeps it in place.

    • Lift up on the zip tie far enough to create a space to feed the green wire through.

    • Place the zip tie back around the column that you lifted it from.

    • All three wires that comprise the power cord should be detached from the coffee grinder.

    • Feed the wires through the small hole at the bottom of the coffee grinder where the external power cord is located.

    • Once the power cord is free of the coffee grinder, you are able to put in the new cord.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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