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  1. Cómo forzar el reinicio de un iPhone 8, Cómo forzar el reinicio de un iPhone 8: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Pulsa brevemente el botón de subir volumen (1)

    • Pulsa brevemente el botón de bajar volumen (2)

    • Sólo necesitas pulsar los botones brevemente para realizar este paso.

  2. Cómo forzar el reinicio de un iPhone 8: paso 2, imagen 1 de 1
    • Finalmente, mantén el botón de apagado/reposo (el botón lateral) hasta que aparezca en la pantalla el logotipo de Apple (3)

    can’t get it to hard reset, using those steps! ugh. it only brings up the slide to power off option

    steph g - Contestar

    brings me to slide to power off option every time.

    steph g - Contestar

    Doesn’t work for me neither, either showing the slide to power off, or getting the apple logo but no reset option - simply saying the phone is disabled as if there was no reset

    Amit Lieberman - Contestar

    If you push 1, then 2, then the side button and the slide appears, keep the button down and click on the X (cancel) button, then the logo will appear. Now it has reset!

    Carl Schultz - Contestar


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Very helpfully, thanks!

user7 - Contestar

helpfully, thanks!

pat trixia - Contestar

All that happens for me is getting the slide to power off..never a reset. About to throw the phone.

Cheri Hogan - Contestar

Same as above. Slide to power off and not able to slide. It is frustrating.

nick_nic112 - Contestar

I suggest you learn to read. hold power until apple sign appears. you need to keep holding it. not sliding it to switch off.

Gurin Jeimuzu -

Wow - that was an insulting comment. I also had the same problem & I can read quite well. I am not sliding off either - just holding the power off as per instructions and the apple logo never appears. I have held it for a very long time, and only the slide power off appears. Your procedure does not work for me either.

Just watched a video someone else posted. Press the Volume Up & Volume Down button really quickly as smarty pants instructed. But - instead of holding the side button until the apple logo appears, you only hold it for 10 seconds and let go - then the Apple logo appears.

Elaine - Contestar

Lots of people have this issue, but of course stupid and ignorant people like Gurin will blame the customer. I had the same issue and no luck with all google articles and even youtube videos that show the proper way and speed to do it. Take it to an apple repair center, they have a “special method” that they wouldn’t disclose to me to force it into recovery mode.

chosenbydestiny - Contestar

Putting comments like these just shows how closed off from him/herself that person is. Instead of creating rapport, he/she are one of those who feel compelled to prove something. compensating for something, eh?…

Wonderful for you doing the work, but your attitude is what will get YOU and your work noticed and appreciated.

I am having similar issues as above and i hope you can provide an answer, and if not, at least a solution. Otherwise, this article might as well be removed.

I pressed the up volume, released.

Pressed down volume, released.

press and hold power button on side=the slide on/off comes up as i kept holding. Nothing happened and the screen dimmed before it went back to home screen.

Any of the new firmwares caused this or am i missing something?

Thank you

iLan Azoulai - Contestar

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