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Cómo deshacerse de los daños causados por el agua en el iPhone 6

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    • En este tutorial aprenderás cómo lidiar con el iPhone 6 que tiene contacto con el agua. Repite los pasos mencionados en el video para reparar tu iPhone.


Para volver a armar tu dispositivo, sigue estas instrucciones en orden inverso.

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Albert me mum - Contestar

Why is the resolution so poor on some of these videos. Is there a problem with the user camera or does ifixit automatically compress every video uploaded to their site to save money of server storeage. The resolution is so poor the image is warping and looks like its underwater or you have taken bad drugs

Trent - Contestar

Hi Trent,

The issues you are talking about is due to the user’s camera. This video is a YouTube link and is not hosted by iFixit. The camera issues is because they are using a special camera with high macro zoom, or mounted on a microscope—otherwise you can’t see the traces at all. Specialized cameras tend to not be as advanced and updated as smartphone cameras.

Arthur Shi -


Have followed guidance from other answers. Ive completely dismantled the phone after water dammage. Cleaned every connection with 99% Isopropyl alcohol, ive submerged the board in it also and recleaned. I've removed the heat shields to clean as much as I could. I bought an ultrasonic bath and cleaned the board with the isopropyl alcohol in it also, I ran a few cycles.

I replaced the battery, the charging port and the screen. The original screen was cracked to begin with.

On booting up the new screen is still black and won't display anything. The phone is responding to the home button with vibration, vibrates when plugged into charge etc … but nothing on the screen.

I'd like to back up the data at the very least but the phone hasn't been paired with a computer and need the screen to do this so I'm stuck.

Any ideas? Could something have gone on the board that's preventing the new screen from working?


gazz57 - Contestar

Maybe one of the pins on the connector on the board are broken? That would be my guess

Noah -

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