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BQP2-4.7 Freezer Relay Repair

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  1. BQP2-4.7 Freezer Relay Repair, Inspect your relay: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • The burnt out relay. Notice the brown heat marks. This picture is with the insides already removed, so yours will show leads.

  2. BQP2-4.7 Freezer Relay Repair, Disassemble the QP2-4R7 and BQP2-4.7: paso 2, imagen 1 de 3 BQP2-4.7 Freezer Relay Repair, Disassemble the QP2-4R7 and BQP2-4.7: paso 2, imagen 2 de 3 BQP2-4.7 Freezer Relay Repair, Disassemble the QP2-4R7 and BQP2-4.7: paso 2, imagen 3 de 3
    • Pry the bottom off the QP2-4R7. You may break the tabs on the bottom plate, but that's OK since we don't need the housing. Look inside and you'll see the disc held in by a short metal brace. Use pliers to remove the brace and remove the disc.

    • Repeat the process for the BQP2-4.7, but be careful not to damage the housing if you can.

  3. BQP2-4.7 Freezer Relay Repair, Inspect the parts: paso 3, imagen 1 de 1
    • Notice the burnt out component in the red box vs. the shiny new one in the green box.

    • Clean the leads on the BQP2-4.7 of any residue to ensure a good connection to the new thermistor disc.

    • Reassemble the BQP2-4.7 by first inserting the leads, then pushing the disc between the connectors, and finally snapping the cover plate back on.

    • If you have an ohmmeter, check that you read about 4.7 ohms across the leads at room temperature.


Put the relay back into your freezer and test it out.

Be aware that the freezer will only turn on if the disc is cool, so if it turns on at first and you turn the freezer off, it probably won't immediately turn on again because the thermistor is already warm. Give it 5 minutes and try again.

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Good instructions; I tried doing this and was helpful. I found the actual part; it’s now available on amazon. [|Check here:]

MAZANDU mazandu - Contestar

Thanks! I’m glad this has helped some folks and I’m glad you got the part. I just checked that link and they’re no longer available. When I found them, they were five times as expensive as the other relay, but in the end the money might be worth it. I happened to have the other part, so thought I’d try the rebuild.

Perry Tancredi -

How long should a working disk take before it clicks off? Mine seems to get too hot after 10-20 seconds, but I see nothing obviously burnt.

rdrey1 - Contestar

Hi - it should only take a few seconds. 10-20 seconds sounds like too much, like it’s not stepping down for some reason.

Perry Tancredi -

I have a JPQii 4.7 two pin relay and cannot find a replacement. The one I have is new but reads 0 ohms

stevebevan232 - Contestar

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