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Most teardown guides are for US models and.

Australian models are quite different.


Small and large flat bladed screwdrivers.


torx set of drivers.

Note it is very common or these pumps to fail in under 3 years.

The question is why? It does seem that the lower control board is a perfect spot for cockroach infestations. as this controls the heater element this could be a reason for burned out elements.

Note this is not abegineers guide you will require common sence and some understanding of basic appliance repairs.

    • Remove Countertop 2 clips at the front of countertop, lift the fron and slide it back\

    • Optional: Remove Childern Lock. this is not essential, however it is fragile and prone to be broken.

    • remove left and right panels. One torx screw at the front the panel is then prised up at the top front and rearthen lower down to remove.

    • Remove front lower panel. thisis just clipped in place.

    • Remove both front feet. these just rotate down and lift up out of the mounts.

    • Remove lower in panel 2 torx screws the panel is clipped in place.

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    • Remove the right and left plastic hinge covers. unclip the left and right door cords from the hinges.

    • unplug the 240 volt plug from the lower PCB casing. then prize down the PCB from the lower sump towards the main body. the PCB is only clipped into place

    • unclip the flood float switch and let it fall down onto main body of machine.

    • open plasticcover where the water in and waste lines out exit machine. there is a connector for the flood line ro be unclipped and unplugged

    • Feed cover and boh lines back into the sump. When you lift the sump up.

    • f


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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