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Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement

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  1. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Compatible Replacement Part: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • The original screen has the following code stamped on the back of the display: "TL055VDXP34-00".

    • The first replacement display assembly (did not work) had the following code: "TLD55VVXP31-00".

    • The second replacement assembly (did work) had the following code: "TL055VDXP34-00".

    • On that basis, I would suggest that the first unit I received was an earlier model, and was the incorrect part. I assume that the replacement display assembly must be model TL055VDXP34-00.

    Where did you end up getting the screen assembly?

    Aaron Zarn - Contestar About US$20 each.

    King Kong -

    I got mine on eBay, but there are plenty of places to buy the screen.

    zacxzac -

    Can I use the same tutorial for the ASUS Zenfone GO ? ( with a compatible screen of course )

    tpe.aeronautiquelucasetjules - Contestar

  2. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove back cover: paso 2, imagen 1 de 1
    • Remove back cover, sim card(s), and memory card.

  3. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove screws in plastic panel: paso 3, imagen 1 de 1
    • NOTE: Remember to remove the one next to the camera (this might be covered by a small sticker).

    • This cover should remove quite easily - if you can't lift it, count those screws! There should be 14. Again - check that one by the camera that is somewhat hidden.

    • NOTE These screws are actually the only screws which hold the phone together. Once these are out and the cover is up, the speaker unit will fall away from the phone.

    The screw between the two top screws was covered by a sticker saying "SEAL" on my phone. Use your screwdriver to pierce through the sticker, it will come off just as easily as the other screws.

    Chris - Contestar

    For my phone (ASUS Zenphone 2 ZE500CL), I had to undo 18 screws in order to get the panel off.

    Arfor Houwman - Contestar

  4. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove panel: paso 4, imagen 1 de 2 Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove panel: paso 4, imagen 2 de 2
    • To remove the plastic panel pry it up at one end, and use a sharp blade to separate the double sided tape between the battery and the plastic panel.

    • NOTE: I removed the double sided tape completely when I put it back together. It doesn't seem to really be necessary.

  5. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove Internals: paso 5, imagen 1 de 1
    • Remove the antenna cable, vibrate motor, and four other connections.

    • The three above the battery pop up away from the phone.

    Try to unplug the battery cable first. I think it is the blue one on top right, near the antenna connector

    Guile - Contestar

    I would recommand to not unplug the antenna from the motherboard. When I tried to do it, the plug has been remove from the pcb because it is very fragile. And you can remove the screen, the battery without removing the antenna from the pcb.

    Guile - Contestar

    • To disconnect the flat cable at the bottom of the battery you need to first remove the yellow plastic sticker covering it. Next lift the white tab to release the cable, then gently pull the cable out towards the base of the phone.

    changed the screen and it works fine. But now the phone not recognize Sim card and SD card and vibration and sound does not work.

    Roney Cacau Alves - Contestar

    This is all part of the ribbon cable that sits on top of the battery. Check the connections at the top and bottom of the battery.

    zacxzac -

    • There are two types of different adhesives holding in the battery that I have encountered. One is double-sided foam tape (easy to remove). The other is some kind of self-amalgamating tape (hard to remove). Please be VERY cautious when removing the battery.

    • I recommend heating the front side of the screen prior to completing this step (the battery tape is fixed behind the back of the screen).

    • The adhesive holding down the battery is located close to the side where the antennas are located (right side when looking down). To remove the battery, heat up the battery with a hair-dryer, then gently pull up away from the phone on the opposite site (left side).

    • NOTE: Be gentle with the small metal tabs on the edge of the battery; these are quite flimsy and will bend if used to force the battery. I removed the double sided tape completely here too, and did not replace it.

    That was the most difficult part to me.

    The double sided tape is quite strong and was place on the right (the antenna cable side), so I had to lift the battery on the opposite side and then use a blade.

    If you have the opportunity, you should separate the battery from the tape, I noticed that it was very easier than to separate the tape from the phone case.

    Guile - Contestar

    There are actually two types of tape that I've encountered. One is easy to remove (double sided foam tape), and the other is very hard (some type of self amalgamating tape). I actually ruined the battery with the stronger tape. If I were doing it again I would recommend heating the screen before trying to remove the battery.

    zacxzac -

    Beware, I bought a spare battery and its connector was totally crap. I have no difficulty to plug the original battery, but the "not so original" battery has a very bad connector (big welds, plastic dock not well formed)

    Guile - Contestar

    Be careful when prying the battery away. I used a blade to cut the tape but ended up puncturing the battery and ruining the phone (due to an acid leak.) Take it super-slowly, and be careful not to use any tool that could damage the battery casing.

    Lwg - Contestar

    For Asus Zenfone 2 ZE500C, the adhesive is on the left side (opposite side of the antenna), so it is easier to start lifting the battery from the right side. Also, there is another connector strip, going from top left to bottom left, glued onto the battery cage, which most be peeled off first.

    Arfor Houwman - Contestar

  6. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove Copper Piece: paso 8, imagen 1 de 1
    • Once the battery is out you need to lift the copper sheet from the body of the phone, which is held in place with some mild adhesive. Use tweezers and lift from one corner gently, working your way slowly across the square piece.

    In the Z00D model there is no copper sheet present.

    Arfor Houwman - Contestar

  7. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove display plug: paso 9, imagen 1 de 2 Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove display plug: paso 9, imagen 2 de 2
    • Lift the yellow plastic sticker, then disconnect the screen plug shown in the picture.

    • NOTE This is a connection for the display, and actually goes under the main unit in a right angle, then up and out a small slit at the top of the phone (shown in picture for step 17).

    • This cable is part of the display assembly, and is being replaced entirely. If it is easier, you could actually cut this cable completely.

    I had some problem with This part , when i placed back the cable i didnt have touch screen fonctionnality anymore , when i removed that part i suspect it moved the connector , that seems to have some weak soldering or glue to hold it on the mother board, i found some guide that advice to remove the metal protection over the connector to properly disconnect it and reconnect after. that Seems safer to me, or maybe i was unlucky

    Pierre Cosson - Contestar

    I seem to have placed myself in the same problematic situation: touch screen functionality is gone. How did you solve this?

    lars - Contestar

    I had to unplug then plug-in the display plug four times before the touch screen started working, I'm glad I tested it out before reassembling the rest of the parts. I don't know why it happened, but after inserting the SIM/SD cards it stopped responding again, I powered back down, checked the connections, reinserted the cards, powered up, and (thankfully) it was working. I finished assembly, and have power cycled several times and everything seems good so far, hopefully it was just a loose connection and now that it's closed up tight it will continue to work. If your touch screen doesn't respond, try seating the plug again.

    Craig - Contestar

  8. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove Processor: paso 10, imagen 1 de 1
    • There are four plastic retainers which fix the remaining unit to the body of the phone. Use a small amount of force on one side to pop this section out. Once this is freed, it should be simple to remove it completely.

  9. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove Screen Cable: paso 11, imagen 1 de 1
    • Once the internal pieces of the phone are removed, you'll need to detach the display cable (from step 8) from the body. This is held in place with some adhesive, and shouldn't be too hard to pry up.

    • NOTE: Your new display assembly will have some adhesive on the replacement cable - should be self explanatory when fixing this back on.

    • To remove the display itself you'll need to apply heat. I had a heat gun - this makes it a lot easier ($20-$30 on eBay) but you could use a hair drier if you don't have a heat gun. For the sake of comparison - the heat gun took around 30 seconds to heat the display completely, which would take 3-5 minutes with a hair drier.

    • Once the adhesive behind the screen has been heated up, work your way around the edges of the screen with an opening pick or thin rigid guitar pick. The display will begin to separate from the housing.

    • Once mostly free, carefully lift the display cable through the hole in the top of the phone body. Again; you're replacing this cable completely, so don't worry too much about it.

    I didn't have a heat gun nor a hairdryer but I managed to remove the screen... I was a little scary and I had to be less gentle than usualy : I cracked the screen and broke everything...

    Guile - Contestar

  10. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Remove Speaker Grill: paso 13, imagen 1 de 1
    • You will need to separate the speaker grill from the original display, clean the adhesive off, and attach it for the new screen. I found it easier to attach the grill to the actual phone body (rather than the display assembly).

    I think i have lost this speaker grill. Is it possible to find a replacement on internet?

    Paolo Finamore - Contestar

  11. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Adhesive: paso 14, imagen 1 de 1
    • Because of the condition of the adhesive for the screen assembly, I decided to replace the adhesive completely. You could skip this step, but I figured it was worth cleaning it up.

    • To remove the existing adhesive I just used the sharp razor blade and worked my way around peeling it all off.

    • NOTE: This would be a good opportunity to 'test fit' the new screen (without adhesive) so you can see where the cables need to go. There is one which goes up behind the screen and through the middle of the phone, and another which goes through the top hole. The top one is a strange shape, and needs to go through sideways first.

    I’m new to this. What is the purpose of adhesive for the phone? What if i skip this step?

    Xheroz 128 - Contestar

  12. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Attaching New Display: paso 15, imagen 1 de 2 Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Attaching New Display: paso 15, imagen 2 de 2
    • I used the 3M double sided adhesive tape to go around the edge of the new screen assembly.

    • NOTE: The replacement adhesive I used was 3M double sided adhesive tape (2mm) - the tape was around $10 from a mobile phone repair supplies store. The tape was too wide and not thick enough, so I doubled it over.

    • It fit perfectly once I did that. Unless you can find thicker double sided tape which is closer to the original adhesive, I would recommend this approach.

  13. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Attaching New Display part 2: paso 16, imagen 1 de 1
    • Once the adhesive is all laid out on the phone, put the screen assembly on. I started from the top and slide the top cable through the hole, then slowly worked my way down to the bottom.

    • NOTE: I'd suggest you don't press too hard on the adhesive until you are sure that both cables are through to the back, and that the screen is sitting well in the body.

  14. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Attach Display Cable: paso 17, imagen 1 de 2 Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Attach Display Cable: paso 17, imagen 2 de 2
    • Looking at the phone from the back, remove the adhesive backing from the display cable and carefully position the cable between the four black markers.

  15. Asus Zenfone 2 Display Assembly Replacement, Assembly: paso 18, imagen 1 de 1
    • After the new screen is fixed in, start the re-assembly. This is effectively the same as disassembly, but in reverse. There were only a couple of parts that I'd make note of:

    • a) Keep an eye on the display cable that comes in through the top. Mine got caught on the double sided tape, and needed to be pulled through.

    • b) You will need to use a little bit of force to mount the processor unit between the four plastic clips. Be careful when doing this. (shown in step 10)

    • c) I completely removed the double sided tape from under the battery and under the plastic case. I figured that if I need to go back into the phone, I wouldn't want to deal with the tape again. I'm glad I did, because the first screen was a dud.

    • d) If you lose any of the yellow plastic cable stickers, you can borrow a piece from your old display assembly.

    For an unknown reason, the phone didn't work at all at my first attempt.

    Then I checked again the connectors to plug in back in step 5.

    I removed the battery again in order to check all the connectors :

    The one from the bottom is very easy to plug before putting back the battery in its place, because the cable must be push into the connector

    In order to be sure not doing crappy thing, I suggest to unplug/plug the battery connector (I think it is the one on top right of the battery, near the antenna connection on top (it is writtent P+ and P- on the cable hidden side)

    When I plugged in back this battery connector, the vibrator activated and the phone worked well.

    Guile - Contestar

    what is the purpose of white sticker backside of zenfone 2

    vignesshkalai - Contestar


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hello where can I find the screen to ze 500 cl ? thank you.

Daniela Messina - Contestar

Hi, the various Asus screens can be bought from They cost around US$20 each.

King Kong -

I would suggest checking eBay first, then Amazon. Plenty of them around.

zacxzac -

The only problem I have now is that the "wake on screen double tap" doesn't work anymore and I don't know why.

Guile - Contestar

Guile~you should turn on 1.set>2.zenmotion>3.touch on>4.screen sleep>5.double tap wake up turn on

steven wang -

It might be worth opening the phone up and checking the connections - particularly the small connection shown in step 9.

zacxzac -

Hello, I'm with the very same issue: the double tap to wake does not work anymore after screen replacement. But the proximity sensor is OK. Did you fix it? If so, how? Thanks.

Vinícius Reis -

Hi! some pics are not available, could you replace them please? thx

Nicola - Contestar

Здравствуйте. Есть ли чип bios на плате?

xpertzone24 - Contestar

if you replace your screen and your touch input is not working, check the ribbon cable like shown here:

Albert - Contestar

Hi! Where we can I get a display for ZE 500 CL?

raduconstantinilea - Contestar

Hello, please could you tell me this: My phone felt down and now the camera doesn't work (none of both), neither the flashlight and the notification led. I was searching how to repair it but I couldn't find the solution. Thank you in advance!

Andres Cosentino - Contestar

This is an excellent repair guide! Very well done! I have followed all steps and could successfully repair the display - the phone is like new!

Hairdryer works perfectly fine. Need need for a special heat-gun.

Some people were asking where they could order a display. I have ordered it from the following page:

Joachim Wehinger - Contestar

Where is the proximity sensor? Is it soldered or connected by any cable?

I am asking because a shop replaced my screen, and now the proximity sensor is not working.


King Kong - Contestar

The proximity sensor is attached to the cable shown in step 9. You can open the phone up and check that this is plugged in properly. You only need to remove the back case & first cover.

zacxzac -

Actually the screw to the left of the camera has a "seal" sticker on it. If you remove the sticker probably the warranty voids. BUT if you have to just replace the speaker, then you can remove all the other screws (except the sealed one), and gently lift the bottom part of the plastic covering frame. That way you'll be able to easily extract the broken speaker unit and to replace it with a new one without voiding the warranty.

Albert Einstein - Contestar

Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I replaced my screen with it, but I'm having a couple issues that I'd really appreciate your thoughts on.

The phone boots and acts like it's charging (orange LED turns on and when off, the charging animation displays), but the battery is stuck at 50%.

I had trouble with the battery's adhesive. I heated it with a hair dryer but it was still difficult. The adhesive was thick and white, like dried caulk. While wrestling with it, I slightly bent the battery. The foil didn't tear but it wrinkled.

In Settings > Battery, the battery level flatlined at 50%. Also, in Settings > About > Hardware Information, it lists Battery Version as "(null) ffffffff 000."

Lastly, in Settings > About > Status > SIM 1, Cellular Network State is "Disconnected," but I can make and receive calls and Bluetooth Address is "Unavailable."

What do you think is going on? Is my battery shot? If so, can you please advise where I can get a new OEM battery? Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.

Eric - Contestar

Hi mate, try opening it up and checking the battery connection. I've had this issue before, and resolved it by making sure the connection was good. Should resolve the issue.

zacxzac -

Nice tutorials. I would like to ask if you know, can i use Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML screen assembly for my Asus ZE550ML ( Z00ADB )?! Thank you in advance!

Indrit - Contestar

I'm having problems with the touch screen. It started to be unresponsive some days after I replaced it, but it didn't notice it at the beginning because the problem wasn't serious. However, the following days it started to be always less responsive, and now the top part of the screen doesn't response at all. Inexplicably, sometimes the touch screen starts working perfectly for some minutes, and then becomes totally unresponsive.

giacomo zilipo - Contestar

Sounds to me like a loose connection. Open the phone up and double check everything that you connected, and ensure its seated fully. Worth taking your

zacxzac -

Can I just replace the glass itself, leaving the LCD (I assume the LCD didn't take any damage from the fall)? I don't know if the glass is glued to the LCD or if something similar would prevent this repair

aumaum - Contestar

No unfortunately the LCD and glass should be replaced together

zacxzac -

Hai this is harsha,i did the same thing the new display is working properly,but now the phone is not getting charged eventhough it is connected to the please let me know the cables attachment process for the charging port.??? please...

sai krishna - Contestar

Everything went well except now my touch doesn't work

victor perez - Contestar

Hi can we change only screen without LCD replacement ? or do I need to change full set LCD + screen?

Amar - Contestar

Can I use these instructions for replacing the touch Screen Glass Digitizer For Asus ZenFone 3 ZE520KL?

lisah456 - Contestar

Hi, is there any possible way to bridge the connector that is at the very end of the digitizer? i mean the one that clicks on the motherboard... the thing is i dropped my phone on water, i did that thing with rice and i turned on perfectly after two days of drying... but the touch is now unresponsive, i checked everything and it seems that connector is like a little burned... so i was thinking like putting some metal or something above so it makes contact... thank you guys for any help...

the connector i am talking about is able to be seen on the second picture in step 9

Alejandro - Contestar

Hi. Thanks for the instructions.

After I was done, everything worked except the proximity sensor seems to be reversed.

If I start a call, it immediately turns off the display without anything close to it.

If I then put my thumb over the sensor, the display turns back on.

Any ideas?

I'm already aware of how to turn off the proximity sensor in the Phone settings, but obviously

this is not ideal.

Kyle Kingery - Contestar

Hi yes I think I had this problem. From memory it was a loose ribbon cable in the back of the phone. I also had intermittent faults with my speaker and vibrate. I could not figure out why, and bought a better new phone!

zacxzac -

Hi my after fixing my phone it only display white light? no words can be seen

linakazen - Contestar

You are a pro ! Thanks allot!


Hi, I accidentally detached the digitizer ribbon socket from the Logic board... Would it be possible to reattach it?


Gabriel Calwiag - Contestar

Technically yes, but it's not easy.

zacxzac -

Step 9: This copper tape, is this Kapton tape? Can this be replaced with Kapton tape if one tears the original tape lifting it up?

brokendash - Contestar

Sorry not sure what it's called, but I believe you could replace it with a similar copper tape.

zacxzac -

Hi I replace the screen on my Zenpone 2 ZE551ML and the touch is not working. can you help me.

Dennis Kavanagh - Contestar

First check the cables under the back cover. If you're still having an issue, contact the seller - sometimes they sell faulty items, and usually just replace it no

zacxzac -

I replaced it with a screen that had H546DAN03.4 MP1.0 written on the back and it worked perfectly.

Smeargle - Contestar

I replaced my display sucessfully, but I chose the display completly with frame. So the replacement is a little bit easier

Olaf Nowitzki - Contestar

Absolutely. That's the biggest thing I learnt from this repair - I only ever buy the whole replacement LCD assembly. It's usually only a little bit extra, and will save you a lot of heart ache.

zacxzac -

Excellent briko, very good work.

Following your guide I succesfully repaired my broken display.

My phone is now working like new, at the first attemp.


Eladio Tejado - Contestar

My Asus zonfone 2 Z00AD display is flickering can I solve it?

kunalan - Contestar

Greetings! This January, I just recently took my ze551ml to the repair shop to replace it’s lcd/screen since it is crack and 80% of the screen is totally black and somethings flickering. After 2 months of usage the same problem occur and now the issue came back 80% of the screen is black again and sometimes it’s flickering when in Settings or other white background interface. Should I replace it again or there is other solution for my phone? Please kindly help me. :(

marc - Contestar

Well everything went swimmingly until I tried putting everything back together and noticed that the entire antenna connector came right off of the main board with the cable. Now I have no mobile data connection. So so close.

Simeon Searwar - Contestar

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