A broken or malfunctioning keyboard can render your computer unusable. Luckily, replacing the keyboard of the A53U-ES21 is rather simple and can save you the expense of having to replace the entire computer.


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  1. Make sure the laptop is off.
    • Make sure the laptop is off.

    • Flip the laptop upside down so that the battery is facing you.

  2. Move the two sliders towards the outer edge of the laptop.
    • Move the two sliders towards the outer edge of the laptop.

    • Pull the battery out with your left hand while holding the right slider.

    • Remove the RAM cover from the bottom of the keyboard.

      • Remove the 5mm screw keeping the panel in place using a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

      • Work the pry tool along the edge to finish removal.

    • Unscrew the two 7mm screws marked with an engraved "K" using a #1 Phillips screwdriver.

    • Orient the computer so the keyboard is facing toward you with the screen at the top.

    • Find the three buttons to depress at top of the keyboard, set in the crack between the casing and the keyboard, highlighted here in red.

    • Use the pry tool to depress the buttons. The keyboard should pop out.

    • Fold the keyboard out towards you. It should still be connected by a ribbon to the rest of the computer.

    • Gently use the opening tool to lift the black piece holding the ribbon down and remove the ribbon.

    • The black piece should cover the white line on the ribbon when it is replaced.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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