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Use this guide to replace the adhesive of your Apple Watch Series 2 and reseal it. The Apple Watch’s water resistance might not be fully restored after that procedure.

    • Apply a little bit of isopropyl alcohol (>99%) to a Q-tip or use a cleaning pad to gently remove the adhesive leftovers on top of the force touch gasket.

    • To remove the adhesive on the side where the display cables are running, fold down the display and carefully pull it away from the frame so there's enough space.

    I bought 6 adhesive strips expecting to foul up some. I tried following this procedure on three of the sets, but on each set I ended up with one corner not quite long enough to seat properly. On the fourth set I altered the procedure and it finally worked the first time.

    1. Take off the screen. Yes I know, but do it anyway.

    2. Take off only the blue adhesive around the periphery. Do not remove center area.

    3. Place sticky side on force gasket. Seems small, but fit perfectly.

    4. Remove entire inner rectangular portion of adhesive strip

    5. Replace screen

    6. Re-Attach battery

    7. Follow rest of procedure

    marilyntlinton - Contestar

    The isopropyl alcohol can only remove so much of the old adhesive. After the first pass with the q-tip use an iFixit Opening Tool to carefully scrape off the old adhesive. There is always some left on the case.

    Vangelis Angelakis - Contestar

  1. Apple Watch Series 2 Adhesive Replacement, Cleaning the display: paso 2, imagen 1 de 2 Apple Watch Series 2 Adhesive Replacement, Cleaning the display: paso 2, imagen 2 de 2
    • Flip the Apple Watch upside down so the display lays flat while lifting up the case.

    • Remove the leftovers on the back of the display.

  2. Apple Watch Series 2 Adhesive Replacement, Applying the new adhesive: paso 3, imagen 1 de 1
    • Use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove replacement adhesive with the blue protective film from the backing paper.

    Be sure to buy two, three or even more replacement adhesive strips, because depending on the batch or brand, most of them can’t be separated easily, they deform and then they are next to useless.

    @iFixit - Guys check the adhesives you are sending to people. The Tesa ones are simply a nightmare to use.

    Vangelis Angelakis - Contestar

    Agreed! The strip is EXTREMELY challenging to get off the paper/plastic it comes in - I recommend a very sharp ‘Xacto’, or scalple blade to trim the paper & plastic film (carefully) to allow for the very thin & easily damaged strip from the packaging - let alone getting it place. Vangelis’ adice is sound advice. I had to order two more… (wish me luck)

    Jeff Goodall - Contestar

    Thank you both for the heads up! The Tesa brand adhesive was super finicky (my tab broke off pretty early on) but was able to recover with minimal deformation with a blade to remove the unnecessary plastic.

    Felipe Agurto - Contestar

  3. Apple Watch Series 2 Adhesive Replacement: paso 4, imagen 1 de 2 Apple Watch Series 2 Adhesive Replacement: paso 4, imagen 2 de 2
    • Hold the replacement adhesive diagonally to thread it over the display.

    • Slightly tilt the display forward so you can align the adhesive with the frame.

    • Position the replacement adhesive on top of the force touch gasket and use the pointed end of a spudger to move and press it into place.

    Den Klebestreifen zu positionieren ist extrem schwer. Teils wegen unzureichender Passgenauigkeit des Klebestreifens, teils weil er ja schon einseitig klebt. Es ist auf jeden Fall hilfreich das AppleWatch-Gehäuse vorher zu fixieren. Ich werde diese Methode nicht ein weiteres mal anwenden, sondern das nächste mal flüssigen Kleber aus der Tube (E-8000 oder vergleichbares) verwenden.

    BjoernImNetz - Contestar

    These things are garbage! I’ve replaced the adhesive on 4-5 Apple watches with various cheap Amazon adhesive products. The tab came off on two different ifixit adhesive kits. The first one the white backer would come all the way off the adhesive, so it was worthless. The second one either stretched or was made too long.

    Don’t waste your money. Quality is poor

    the.thams - Contestar

  4. Apple Watch Series 2 Adhesive Replacement: paso 5, imagen 1 de 1
    • Reconnect the battery as seen in the replacement guide you came from.

    • Remove the protective film from the adhesive.

    Don’t expect the adhesive strip to follow the edges of the watch’s case. If you try to fit it on the edges on one side, you may end up coming up short on the other, as the above image illustrates. Just try to place it slightly off the edges. It will be ok.

    Vangelis Angelakis - Contestar

  5. Apple Watch Series 2 Adhesive Replacement: paso 6, imagen 1 de 1
    • Align the screen and press it down firmly onto the adhesive.

    • To improve bonding of the adhesive you can use an iOpener to warm up the display. Then apply some pressure for a few hours (placing it under one or two heavy books overnight might be a way).

    • Alternatively, you can use screen vice clamps around the perimeter of your device to set the new adhesive.

    Buy two clamps, thank me later. Books are good but trust me the clamps are way better. Also expect the screen to wobble ever so slightly after, since the adhesive seems to be a bit elastic in nature.

    Avoid hot or even warm showers to avoid causing the screen to detach from the adhesive.

    Vangelis Angelakis - Contestar

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Will the new adhesive be water proof?

or will the watch after replacement no longer be water proof?

fredrik.liljeroth - Contestar

The Apple Watch isn’t waterproof, but water resistant. After opening and resealing it there is no guaranty that the resistance is the same as before. More on that topic can also be read on Apples website (“Apple Watch can't be rechecked or resealed for water resistance.“). But when resealed properly (using heat and pressure without damaging the force touch gasket in the opening process and cleaning off old residue) there shouldn’t be any concern for a normal daily use like washing hands or taking a shower. It might even work for a swim in a pool or an ocean, but I wouldn’t count on that 50M ISO rating ;)

Tobias Isakeit -

This one was a bugger! Dang…getting this over the display w/o sticking to everything is an exercise puzzle. The first one also didn't release correctly and I ended up installing just the blue adhesive backing…then realized that the adhesive was still on the other backing, which I then had to very carefully remove with a tweezers, then navigate the puzzle of an exercise getting it over the display and in to position. I did it, but as other commenters noted, it is not sealed anything like it originally was. In fact, it came up in a few days and I had to use the iRemover to heat it back up and press it back into place. I also use an iWatch bumper guard all the time now to protect it from popping off. For this older series 2 iWatch I’m ok.

Thank you iFixIt for top notch parts, instructions and tutorials. I’ve been an IT tech/specialist for many years, but still approach new repairs with caution, especially on Apple products, until I’ve done it at least once.

Erica Rogers - Contestar

Yes, resealing the Apple Watch is a tough one. It is either disconnecting the display and go without the "exercise puzzle" but risk damaging cables and having to reconnect the display vs. keeping a steady hand and feeding the adhesive around the display.

I edited the guide to apply pressure on the closed watch for a longer time now. A few hours under some heavy books might do a better job.

Oh, and congrats on the repair.

Tobias Isakeit -

Adhesive gasket/strip did not fit. It was slightly undersized :( I ended up cutting tiny strips to fill the gaps. :(

kamilgoslawski - Contestar

horrible adhesive. in trying to remove the strip, the tang holding the strip broke off. in trying to remove the strip without the tang, the strip broke in half. and worse got tangled. I had to jam the strip into the watch as best as I could but doubt if this will hold the watch together. even worse, it is not clear at all as to how to get the strip from the adhesive so I had to guess. don’t buy this product

bob bulliard - Contestar

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