In order to obtain access to the internal components you must first follow this step by step general disassembly guide. This will be a first stop in installing a new component that is enclosed by the outer shell.

  1. Turn computer over.
    • Turn computer over.

    • Remove battery expansion cover and battery.

  2. With monitor hinge at the bottom, remove the two top center screws.
    • With monitor hinge at the bottom, remove the two top center screws.

    • Remove top left and top right screws.

    • Remove middle left and middle right screws.

    • Open computer kickstands.

    • Remove screws underneath each kickstand.

    • Lift keyboard from bottom and take out of shell.

    • Lift the white ribbon clamps securing the keyboard ribbon cables to the motherboard. You can do this using a plastic opening tool.

    • Removing both ribbon cables from the motherboard will leave the clamps like so.

    • From here you can access the logic board, hard drive, and floppy drive.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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