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The Aorus X5 I have is the 3k version, that means the display is the Panasonic VVX16T028J00.

My specific issue is that the LED backlighting stopped working. I first tried replacing the screen, but this did not solve the problem. I am now trying to replace the cable. If this does not solve the problem, then the issue is with the mainboard and cannot be fixed. There are no available schematics for Aorus laptops, so replacing the correct mainboard elements would be difficult. Taking the laptop completely apart is relatively easy. I may make a guide for this in the future.

The connector is a custom Aorus 40pin LCD LVDS cable. Good luck finding a replacement cable if this breaks, be aware that a similar 40 pin connector from the X7 laptop IS NOT compatible. Aorus uses several different types of connectors on their mainboards. Also be aware that if you have to 1080p version of the X5 v6, your connector is a 30 pin connector.

    • For this you need a T6 torx screwdriver. The panel pops off easily with a little pull at a corner.

    • The panel has clips at the rear, so pop off the front side first.

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    • It is always a good idea to disconnect the battery before doing any repairs.

    • You actually do not need to open the bottom panel to replace the display. This is done as a precaution, but if you are replacing the connector, you would need to open it anyway.

  2. The frame is very thin and glued onto the laptop.
    • The frame is very thin and glued onto the laptop.

    • Wobble a thin flat tool (preferably out of plastic) in between the frame and display to remove the glue. I used a metal scraper, but I do not recommend this because it easily scratches aluminium.

    • Start from the sides, go to the upper corners and go around slowly removing glue. Be very careful around the webcam, and bottom because this is where the electronics are exposed.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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