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Remplacer l'écran cassé de l'Alcatel idol 4 5.2

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    Thanks for taking the time to share this while fixing your own phone. Most people don’t think that far ahead these days!

    IMO, the “Idol 4” is a very underrated phone in part because Alcatel isn’t a big brand name in the USA.

    It’s a “Goldilocks Phone”. Not too big & not too small.

    The main issue is both good & bad all at once.

    The “Idol 4” looks very cool. Basically it’s 95% glass! Glass on both the screen & the back which makes it really stand out & look like no other phone.

    But… That very same issue also means that it’s very very slippery!

    Slides smoothly on nearly EVERY surface which is obviously a recipe for disaster & that’s exactly what happened to me. It slid off the kitchen counter onto the tile floor & CRACK! goes the front & back.

    Now… The phone works & the screen UI looks fine but the entire screen doesn’t respond to any touch.

    As many of u can relate… I NEED a new phone NOW!

    The dilemma now is…

    #1) Go buy a new Idol 4 for $80+

    #2) Wait for the Idol 5 & find a temp phone until then


    Charlee - Contestar

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Can you provide the list of tools used in this guide?

Especially the tape size :)

Thank you for this good video !

sydrev - Contestar

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