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How to reset the computer (simulates removing and reinstalling the battery).


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  1. At the bottom side of the laptop, you will find a small pinhole. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds to reset the computer. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds to reset the computer.
    • At the bottom side of the laptop, you will find a small pinhole.

    • Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds to reset the computer.

    Is this for recalibrating laptop battery? Do I need to switch off the laptop?

    danelhakim - Contestar


    I have accidentally clicked on it couple of time and started the laptop for few times and as i take the plug off the computer shut down all the time .

    what to do

    Line Soldier - Contestar


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Yep-it worked exactly as suggested. Sharp end of a small safety pin and bobs your uncle.

Thanks again. Was worried that it could be something worse.


dabblers2 - Contestar

Its not working on my laptop Acer aspire S3.. I press it in 4 second but its not gonna work.

What can I do to fix it?

dongyul54 - Contestar

Ok, it works perfectly..., thank you to your suggest.

My Acer Aspire ES1-512-C08J, did not accept anythink from keyboard to input password at start of windows 10, but in Bios setup did it works.

No solutions to change keyboard, or reset bios to default configuration, but only when i pushed in the pinhole reset switch battery on back laptop, while laptop was on, and it immediatly drops down switch off, and when i restart laptop from normal push button power on, all works another time ok.....

Sorry for my bad english...

Vito Perrino - Contestar

Should I perform these steps with the laptop turned on or turned off?

Ridhwaan Hassim - Contestar

i have the same question

J Shanti de Guire -

Well the same thing happened me, i pushed around 15 seconds, without connected to energy, and iwas go to sleep, i woke up and i reconnect the energy and press power button and works ok, i turned off with normal windows 10 process, and now it´s again the same problem, any suggestion?

James Korner - Contestar

My Acer E5-731 was dead and just by doing this (without the charger plugged in ) it solved it. nice!

Rogerio - Contestar

Thank you!!!

Tara Lucas - Contestar

It worked!!

Phew , I thought I had lost my Laptop.


Michael Ariyibi - Contestar

The battery cell may have some unbalance. This i planned obsolescence. Manufacturer omit a proper balance circuit in the battery so over time the unbalance get bigger en the effective useable capacity will be reduced dramatically by the safety circuitry in the battery. This does not mean the cells are bad. You need to balance the cells, but this requires opening the battery, soldering a balance connector to the individual cells and using a balance charger. No manufacturer will tell you this nor will they admit it. I just reconditioned my battery laptop myself and it's still going strong after 3 years.

Andrea Campagnolo - Contestar

Holy wow. The actual bloody service manual for 481PT makes no mention of this pinhole. I thought I shorted the battery and almost ended up ordering a new one (and a new MB for good measure). So yeah, guys, if your Acer M5 says it has a battery but refuses to work without AC, putting a stupid pin in the stupid hole while on AC power for 4 seconds solves the problem. For me, at least.

Danko - Contestar

Will acer aspire R11, note book , work without a battery? The jacky!

jack raphael - Contestar

It didn't work for me. It comes to a screen where it says "automatic repair, your pc did not start correctly". I've restarted it and it goes to a blank screen and the fan keeps kicking on, I've tried to push and hold the reset button and it didn't work. I've pulled the battery out and it didn't work. Help.

Tami - Contestar

thank u so much it work !

Calin Toc - Contestar

Did not work for me. When I reconnected the A/C power and pressed the power button, one of the blue lights on the front flashed 5 times and quit. No sign of life.

Tom Kleefisch - Contestar

Did not work for me. My wife’s Aspire V simply died. When I reconnect the A/C power and press the power button, one of the blue lights on the front flashes 5 times and stops. No sign of life.

Tom Kleefisch - Contestar

Happen to mine today , I was so scare to have lost my PC, only 7 months old !!

So I did the pin hole thing and VOILA !! back to work , every thing came back up !!

ernie baptista - Contestar

Great !! just happen to me today, got to work 7:30 Try to turn on my PC, nothing silence , no fan no moden ,over an hour trying to see what had happen , did not know about the pin hole, saw the battery symbol paper clip in , and VOILA !! back on !!


ernie baptista - Contestar

Hi - please describe how the laptop should be at the time when you hit the rest button:

- should it be plugged in and connected to power? or plug out?

- should the computer be powered on or off?

Asher - Contestar

Thank you so much sir.

by the way, the laptop had lcd problem and was replaced a week ago. Smooth operation for 3 days then didnt used for 4 days due to travel. On the 7th day, smooth operation until it just turn off on its own. Tried turning it on without ac, no response. With ac, turned on for a second and when power button pressed again, it wont turn on. Unplug and plug ac and turned on only for a second. By the way, your instruction solved it, im just asking if you have info about the cause. Running the laptop at the moment. Waiting if it reoccur and hoping that it wont happen again. Cheers and God Bless

hiponiajerome - Contestar

Once again, it always work but the problem also reoccurs. Its like, the laptop seems to work smoothly. After an hour or two, suddenly it dies. Cant be turned on again without ac, turned on with ac for a second then dies. Have to pin the battery reset button again and again during this scenario. Any advice?

hiponiajerome - Contestar

I did the pinhole reset, but after that it did not turn on without the charger. how will I fix this? please help me

Glycel Gollayan - Contestar

i think i damaged the botton, i used a pin to poke it , after checking it inside a notice that the botton is damage is there any fix on it?

lukearaquil - Contestar

Couldn’t find it on my V3-571g

Chidi Uma - Contestar

Thanks Worked for me

creswellcarpets - Contestar

Brill advice.worked no sooner had i popped the pin in.was losing my head thinking I was going to have to buy new one,but no a simple easy answer was a thank so much.


Marie Cunningham - Contestar

Thank you so much! Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-72L3 purchased in 2016. The keyboard just stopped working today. I googled fixes for this and tried five different “fixes” that all made no difference before finding this post. I stuck a small paperclip in the pinhole until I heard the “click,” after which the laptop shut down. Then I let the laptop sit for about five minutes. Then I pushed the power button and the laptop started fine. I am typing this with the keyboard. Hurray!

Patricia Costello - Contestar

hey I'm having the same problem, does doing this wipe the memory of the laptop or will it all stay the same?

Halisha Cronk -

When I insert a pin over there, instead of a proper click, it feels like the pin is scratching a surface. Is the pinhole's switch not working? I don't know. Kindly help.

Sai Sidhaarth - Contestar

I have a black screen but blue light comes on , I tried with a pin to reset the battery and I pieced a tiny hole ? today is not my day!!

Now the blue light wont even come on unless charger is plugged in , any suggestions please? ???

xyouareminex - Contestar

The pinhole is so small I cannot get a paper clip into it

avokaty - Contestar

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