1. Ensure car jack is ready by rotating handle clockwise completely
    • Ensure car jack is ready by rotating handle clockwise completely

    • Locate metal beam under car used for jacking

    • Position car jack platform under metal beam

  2. Pump car jack handle to raise up car
    • Pump car jack handle to raise up car

    • Raise up car stand 4 notches

    • Place car stand underneath wheel metal beam

    • Lower car onto the stands by rotating the jack handle counter-clockwise (very gently)

      • Depending on your model of jack, the jack may lower rapidly or slowly. Do your best to lower the car gently

    • Repeat steps 1-3 on driver side of car

      • At this point, both sides should be raised off the ground

    • Place clean cardboard underneath the car

    • Locate the oil container underneath the car (this will require crawling under the car and laying on your back

    • Locate the bolt used to drain the oil

    • Position the oil drip pan underneath the bolt

    • Loosen the bolt by turning the 5/16 allen wrench counter-clockwise

      • It may take a significant amount of force to loosen the bolt

    • Once loose, remove the bolt by hand

      • Once the bolt is removed, oil will immediately flow out

      • Make sure the oil drip pan is positioned well

      • Once the bolt is removed, you will get a significant amount of oil on your hand

      • Don't drop the bolt into the oil pan. It will be slippery!

    • Wait ~10 minutes for all the oil to drain out

    • Clean up the drainage hole with paper towel

      • You may need to use a paper towel to wipe up any beading oil

    • Insert the bolt, turning clockwise

    • Tighten the bolt with the 5/16 allen wrench until the wrench won't turn any further. This is plenty tight.

    • Position drip pan underneath the plastic cover as shown in picture

    • Open the hood of the car

    • Locate the oil filter

      • The oil filter is near the front of the car

      • The oil filter looks like a cylinder

    • Loosen the oil filter by hand

      • It may take a significant amount of force to loosen the oil filer

      • A filter wrench can be used to help loosen the filter

      • Turn the filter clockwise to loosen (from the perspective of the user) - see video if you're confused

    • Remove oil filter

      • Once you remove the filter, some remaining oil will spill out, onto your hand, and into your well placed oil drip pan

      • The filter may be very slippery, don't drop it!

    • Place old oil filter upside down on the knob in the oil drip pan

    • Get new oil filter

    • Install oil filter

      • Turn the oil filter counter clockwise to install (as appears to the user)

      • Tighten by hand until both hands can't get it any tighter - This is plenty tight

    • Wipe up the oil that spilled out when you replaced the filter

      • This spilled oil is normal

      • Use plenty of paper towel

    • Wipe up any oil that spilled below the filter

    • Locate the oil cap

    • Remove the oil cap

    • Place funnel into oil cavity

    • Pour in new oil

      • Engine oil is sold in 5 litre containers. VW engines only require ~4 litres. Only pour in 4/5 of the oil!

    • Remove oil dipstick

    • Clean oil dipstick with paper towel

    • Insert oil dipstick all the way

    • Remove oil dipstick

    • Check Oil Level

      • If oil is too low, add more

      • Oil is full when the level is just below the bend in the metal of the dipstick

    • Empty any remaining oil in the filter into the oil drip pan

    • Turn the oil filter upside down and place into the box of the filter that was just installed into the car

    • Mark the filter box as "old"

    • Return the filter to a mechanic shop for recycling

    • Prepare car jack by turning the handle clockwise all the way

    • Pump the car jack and position the jack underneath the metal beam

    • Continue pumping the jack, raising the car off the car stands

    • Remove the car stand

    • Lower the individual car side onto the ground by turning the handle of the car jack counter-clockwise

      • Rotate clockwise as gently as possible

    • Repeat step 18 and 19 for the other side of the car

    • Turn on car

    • Leave car running for 5 minutes to let oil circulate

    • After 5 minutes, check oil level using the dipstick

      • If oil level has dropped, add more oil - this is normal,

    • Place funnel into oil container

      • If there is left-over clean oil, you can pour the clean oil into a second container of clean oil - this avoids waste

      • If you don't care about the remaining 1/5 of clean oil, just mix the dirty oil with the clean oil

    • Pour the old oil into the recently-emptied oil container

      • Be careful not to spill any oil on the ground

    • Mark the oil container as "old" and return to a mechanic shop for recycling


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