This guide will demonstrate how to replace the main tail gate light bulb on the left side of the car. The process is similar for the right side, or an other tail light bulb.

  • P21/5W (main rear light/brake light)
  • PY21W (blinker light)
  • P21W (reversing light)
  1. Unscrew the two visible bolts.
    • Unscrew the two visible bolts.

    • After unscrewing the bolts, the other side of the light is still fastened by two clickable plugs.

    • Using the panel removal tool, pry behind each corner and unclick each plug.

  2. Remove the light from the frame and place it on the tailgate.
    • Remove the light from the frame and place it on the tailgate.

      • You might need to remove some of the cabling from cable guides.

      • You can also better see the plugs that held the light in place.

    • Unscrew the fitting about 45 degrees and lift it from the casing.

    • Remove the bulb by turning it about 45 degrees.

    • And do the reverse with the new bulb, push and turn.

    • The bulb has 2 guide pins assuring a correct install.

    • The fitting has 2 corresponding receivers.

    • Insert the fitting by matching up the fitting guides with their openings on the casing and turn it 45 degrees clockwise.

    • Tuck back any cables you loosened, and place the light back on the car frame.

    • Make sure the replaced light actually works.

    • Push the light plugs back in.

    • Put the 2 screws back in.

    • You are done.

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