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The TI-84 Plus CSE was released in 2014. It was TI's first color graphing calculator in the TI-84 lineup. Due to it’s poor performance, it was poorly received and replaced with the TI-84 Plus CE in 2015. This calculator contains the same processor as the monochrome TI-84 Plus and had to use more resources to power the color screen.

As a result of the poor reception, the TI-84 Plus CSE was quickly discontinued.


CPU: z80 (6/15MHz)

RAM: 128K of internal RAM, 21K user-accessible

Flash (ROM): 4MB Flash ROM chip, 3.5MB user-accessible.

LCD: 320x240-pixel (140 DPI, 16-bit color, ILI9335 controller)

-Graphscreen: 265x165 pixels for graphing

-Images: 133x83-pixel photos

Ports: 2.5mm I/O, mini-USB

Battery: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, ~5-10 hours of use

-3.7V, 1,200 mAh, 4.44 Wh

-Recharging: two terminals on the lower sides or mini-USB port

-Battery Life: Officially 5 days of classroom use or 2 weeks of homework use


Operating System (OS): 4.x

Boot code: 4.00

Programming: TI-BASIC, z80 ASM



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