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Background Information

The Ordro HDV-D395 is a handheld camcorder device, for the the use of picture and video recording, developed by Ordro. Ordro developed this camcorder in 2016 for the use of both indoor and outdoor activity. Many features of this product are very similar to other camcorders with the exception of the infrared night vision.

To easily identify the camcorder simply look on the bottom of the camera for the model number which is HDV-D395. For other defining qualities to identify this is the correct device look below at the additional features and Package list.


  • Has infrared night vision camcorder to record videos and take pictures while traveling.
  • The capture photo and video are in black and white .
  • 2*NP-120 1700 mAH polymer lithium batteries.
  • Built in WIFI
  • Camera lens of 0.39X0.72 mm .
  • Sony 5MP IM*179CMOS sensor.
  • Support HDMI
  • Output on the TV

Package List:

1 x HDV-D395 camcorder

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual

1 x HDMI cable

1 x Wide angle lens

1 x Remote control

1 x Charger

2 x NP-120 Battery

1 x Camera bag

1 x USB card reader

Additional Information

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