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Estas son algunas de las herramientas comunes que se utilizaron para trabajar en este dispositivo. Es posible que no necesites todas las herramientas para cada procedimiento.

Background and Identification

The ThinkPad X130e was primarily designed to be a low cost education system, although anyone can purchase one new. As such, these systems often have lower spec then the standard Thinkpad lineup. Depending on if the machine was part of a bulk other, your system may have options that are unavailable to the general public.

The main reason for the low specs on many of these is the education market does not need high end machines for general use. Many schools opt to cut back on the specs to save money per computer since most students only use them for basic tasks and Internet access.

The Lenovo Education series is considered "education tough" instead of "business tough". Since many schools keep computers for 5+ years, these machines are tougher then your average ThinkPad.



The RAM in these machines largely varies on the budget of the previous owner. Many systems only come with 2GB of RAM because they are targeted towards education and this is often sufficient for many schools. However, some machines do come with 4GB if they were upgraded or ordered with enough RAM to last a while.

If your machine came with a small amount of RAM, these can be upgraded to 8GB per Lenovo. This may be higher if you have a CPU that can support 16GB. These systems provide 2 RAM slots, which makes it possible to do a economical RAM upgrade.

Hard drive

These machines only accept 7mm hard drives. You must install a hard drive advertised as a 7mm drive or an SSD.


The oboard video your system includes is CPU dependent. Intel models use Intel HD Graphics, whereas AMD models use Radeon G Series graphics. There are no dGPU options.

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