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Infinity Best dongle is professional tool used most likely for servicing Nokia phones. Device is designed as dongle with internal card-reader. It has smart-card inside. Smart-card is used to prevent unauthorized using of BEST software, also known as BB5 Easy Service Tool. BEST can flash and repair all Nokia BB5 phones including latest Rapuyama, Broadcomm and other devices. Ultimate description you can find on the website of distributor

Let’s see the list of main operations which we could perform with this useful tool:

● Normal/dead USB flashing

✓ all BBb5 phones, including latest Rapuyama, Broadcomm and other devices

✓ dead USB flashing

✓ normal USB (alive) flashing

✓ BB5 fast flashing

✓ custom flashing

✓ Dead-to-Test operation

✓ read RPL via USB

● sp-unlock (operator/network unlock)

● custom flashing via USB

● repair phone

● read information

● sp-unlock/operator lock/network lock/provider lock

● user lock

● lifetime counter operations

● product profile operations

● selftest, format file system

● reset settings

● keyboard test

● user data extraction

● user data repair

● SL3 unlock service

● many other functions

After purchasing you will receive protection smart-card with USB smart-card reader. Reader could be designed in different colors but all of them have the same functionality. You will be able to enter to Support area where you can download software, flash files, manuals, drivers etc.

For using Infinity Best Dongle you have to install drivers for card-reader, smart-card. Then Install BB5 Easy Service Tool. Launch it. You will see request for registering your dongle. Confirm it. That’s all. All features are available for you.

Supported interfaces


● COM (FTDI, PL, JAF / UFS and other Comport -mode emulation)

● UFS (work directly via UFS, without emulation)

Most of the operations are performed without any additional payments and credits. Such as read, reflash, unlock, repair etc. For working with SL3 unlock service you have to use Infinity credits. It could be ordered with your nearest reseller.

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