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This page is based on a 4100TN (Additional tray w/ factory installed JetDirect EIO Ethernet card). This printer was picked up on Craigslist for free. If your printer does not include the Ethernet card, it can be purchased on eBay for under $10.

I found the requiring Maintenance error flashing from a 13.1 and 13.2 jam when testing printing pages from the Menu Item options to see Event Logs and Configuration... so ordered a Maintenance Kit minus the Fuser since I wanted to read into and looks like the sleeves can be replaced if need for less than the Fuser Assembly and even for less than the Maintenance Kit with the Fuser Assembly.

I also had a 13.5 jam error occur. I removed the Pickup Roller shaft on the cassette that has a Clutch that is magnetic with iron fillings inside that effect the friction and that is used to keep the pieces of paper under the being printed piece from being fed with that piece. That is what caused the 13.1/13.2 errors most likely. Needed to tap some of the iron filings out a few times to get to rotate smooth.

Based on the streaking, I'm guessing the wiper on the Toner Cartridge is bad and will consider replacing if I can get this working other than Tray 1 feeding which wasn't doing so good.

When using XPPro32 and Adobe Acrobat I get a TRAY 1 LOAD [TYPE][SIZE] error since for some reason A4. Not sure why this is. Also a default to TRAY 1 LOAD LETTER.

Replaced the RG5-5281 Separation Pad and RG5-3718 Pickup Roller... other than finding I have something up with the firmware noted in the Configuration Page printout from the printer noting Tray 2 (LEGAL) and not being able to change to Tray 2 (LETTER). There is no option I've found within the MENU, ITEM or VALUE's to change from LEGAL or set Tray 2 to anything other than PLAIN. Tray 1 I changed to CASSETTE as I assume that is correct versus FIRST. Default Paper Size is LETTER noted on the Configuration Page.

I wound up changing the two RG5-3114 Pickup Rollers for Tray 2 also... on the cassette and above.

Reading into more, I found that potentially RG5-3821 for printers with the built-in tray 2 PCB board switches SW601-603 could be bad. I'm going to look into that some more since the setting for the device drivers are set correctly from what I can tell to print from Tray 2 Letter Plain. Reads like those can be cleaned or soldered into required position which is LEGAL or LETTER. That doesn't make sense to me. I almost think the firmware is acting up and maybe needs an upgrade though I don't want to lose the Supplies Status maintenance history. I have to read into more.

Wondering if there is a way to repair/refurbish the plastic blade that scrapes off the excess toner off of the imaging drum on the Toner Cartridge?

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