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For issues with the Alienware M17x P01E, try using the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

Alienware released the M17x laptop series on June 2nd, 2009, and it was the first Alienware/Dell branded system. The M17x P01E is the series first generation and was succeeded by the M17x-R2, which was released in 2010.

The M17x P01E features an aluminum chassis, a 17.3-inch screen, and weighs approximately 10 pounds. The laptop comes stock with an Intel Core 2 quad-core processor, integrated Nvidia GeForce 9400M 256MB graphics card (with the optional upgrade to Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M 2GB graphics card), 8BG of DDR3 RAM, and a 1TB SATA hard drive.

The model number for the M17x P01E is on a sticker located on the bottom of the laptop. All M17x series laptops feature an aluminum chassis with a sleek minimalist design. The M17x P01E and M17x-R2 share the same outside appearance. However, the top of the M17x P01E laptop’s lid has a single shallow ridge that runs from front to back, a piece of hex-patterned black plastic, and the Alienware logo.

Additional Information

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