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Showing how is the inside of the Siri remote

Este desmontaje no es una guía de reparación. Para reparar tu Apple TV 4th Generation, utiliza nuestros manuales de servicio .

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Adhered? Screwed on? Snapped off? Wtf is this $@$*?

jvelez - Contestar

Okey okey, it looks like the user just wanted show what was inside. The guide had been archived, but feel free to contribute whatever information you might have to help it out. We’re all about working together here.

Kelsea Weber -

It would be nice to show how to take it apart. Something spilled on my remote and I have a sticky “Menu” button, which is a pain in the A$$.

montoysc - Contestar

The iFixit teardown goes into a bit more detail, but isn’t meant to be used as a repair guide. You should start by dipping a paper towel in some high-concentration isopropyl alcohol, and rubbing the sticky buttons on the remote. If you still need help, consider posting on our Answers forum!

Sam Goldheart -

so i have a situation where the remote dropped and the clicker will not bounce back up. after looking it seems like the hooks keeping the front from coming off are what is keeping it in place almost fused in the down state. any idea on how to possibly fix that?

smeefree - Contestar

I’m guessing it’s the same method as the iPads and iPhones, glue all the way around, guitar picks to separate it? Probably a little heat to help the glue separate easier.

Doesnt help me much, shattered touch screen on mine. Looks like I need to just replace it.

devoh - Contestar

Somebody tell me how to get the flex cable for the touchpad plugged back in.

Steven Machado - Contestar

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